Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Kind Sight

We have all had those moments in life where we looked back on an experience and wished with all our hearts that we had done something different. "Hindsight is 20/20" they say, but is it really?

Hindsight is when we look back and see the experience from a broader view, a different perspective or from a place of greater wisdom. We have already walked through the experience, so we have learned a lot more since that time we were experiencing it. So, from this vantage point it seems that we can see every little detail with 20/20 vision and things that were hidden from sight before, are now glaringly clear.

When this happens, regret comes streaming in as we level our dissatisfaction onto ourselves about how we could have changed things, or more importantly, how we could have avoided the entire situation from the beginning. We wonder at ourselves and how in the world we got ourselves into such a situation and self loathing is the result.

The thing is, every situation we attract into our lives is there for a reason. Most importantly, there is absolutely no reason to berate, loath, criticize, chastise, or harshly judge ourselves for any reason. No matter the result to any situation, we are in a place of learning and we should no more be hard on ourselves than we would a baby learning to crawl for the first time! Truly, would you punish a baby for falling when they first attempt to walk? Of course not!

We too are learning with each and every experience we have. If we weren't we would not have had the experience! There is no "right" or "wrong" here, just learning and all learning is beneficial no matter how it may appear to be other wise.

One thing I try to remember when I have one of those "anytime moments" of learning is, that I am a multidimensional being having a multidimensional experience. What I mean by that is, that there is FAR more going on than what meets the eye. There are multi levels involved in each situation, not only with myself, but others that are involved as well. Think about that a minute. You and they, here and now, with you and they multi levels, there and now! How can we really know what is taking place when so many levels of ourselves are dancing the same dance but at different levels! It is simple, we can't.

Something else to consider is that the entire situation may have nothing to do with you. Maybe, you are there to help another. Maybe you were invited into the situation in order to show a different way, or different perspective. To teach by example. There are far too many factors at play for us to place blame onto ourselves or onto others, for that matter.

We are all here, at this time in human history to work through old outdated patterns, past relationships, and personal soul history. How than can we cast blame on ourselves for any reason? It is self care, self love and self understanding that is needed most. We are walking through fire, in order to cross the bridge to a better way of life, not only for ourselves but for every living thing on Earth.

Would it surprise you to know that the entire universe is sitting at the edge of their collective seats in AWE of us! That's right, in AWE! We are the ones that came here to this level of experience to do the unthinkable! To chart the path out of bondage and into freedom for this beloved planet and all her live. We, who feel at times no bigger than the smallest grain of sand are the ones who are making the biggest difference in the world with each and every experience we have.

We are worthy of far more than what we would give to ourselves and I for one, think it is high time that we realize, that what we are doing in each experience we have, is far greater than we will ever know and what we do for ourselves, our children, our planet and each other, is done from the highest place of love this universe has ever seen.

So, the next time you look back and wonder what the heck was I thinking, remember, it is not what you were thinking, it is how much you were loving!

Just loving you along,
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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ease And Grace

Lately, something different has come into my awareness. It seems that a lot of the material being written today about how to achieve spiritual awareness, is being written in such a way that it would seem to someone just waking, to be overwhelming and never attainable! I even felt a sense of exhaustion just reading of all the different things, ways, stages and steps required. It was sounding impossible to reach which brought on a sense of futility inside of me and I have been on this path for years now. I kept thinking to myself, "Boy, if I was just now waking, I would feel totally overwhelmed by what I have been reading and never consider changing my life!"
Now, the information I have read is pack full of  truth, but seeing it through the sleepy eyes of those just now awakening, I can see them wanting to roll over and hit the snooze button! I have been on this road for a very long time and I just felt the need to write a little about the spiritual truths and how to apply them to life. First of all, understanding that the road to "enlightenment" is a road without any particular destination, is a great place to start. Our journey never ends, it just opens wider and wider.

What is needed today though is a way to change our current situations. In this case, knowing that the road has no particular destination let's us off the hook of having to get "somewhere," or to become "someone" and instead allows us to focus on the present where the change we seek the most is available.

Changing our thinking patterns, changes our life. Period. Changes that we can experience now, not some time down the road when we "get there." That isn't what we are in need of right now anyway. We wish to change things, NOW. So, focus on now. On each new day and that will take the overwhelm away.

Changing how we view our lives and ourselves, changes our life as well. We can do these things one day at a time. It is a process. Each time we catch ourselves being critical of ourselves or others, we can change that thought in that moment by understanding that we are just acting from old patterns, no more, no less. No need to "beat ourselves up" over it, just acknowledge it, change our thought to a positive one, and move on. It is that simple.

Pretty soon, the negative thoughts, actions and feelings diminish and more loving thoughts are our first thoughts and feelings. It gets easier with each passing day and our DNA is being cleared and recreated along with every new thought and feeling we allow ourselves to have without the self judgement attached. This is the fast track to "enlightenment" and there is no destination but the now moment.

Years ago it took a lot of effort to wade through the collective unconsciousness in order to make any real changes in our lives. Today, the collective consciousness has risen to such a degree that by stopping just one critical thought or feeling, can change our DNA, change our mind and change our life. No longer do we have to wade through the mud and the muck. The path is shinning bright for everyone and it simply takes the desire to make the change that will have the greatest effect in our lives.

So, when you are reading about all the things you have to do and all the stages you must go through in order to become "enlightened," just remember. What you think and feel today and than tomorrow, will have more impact in your life now, than any 12 step program, light body activations or book series that someone is telling you is necessary for you to reach utopia. Frankly, you are already there, you just have to let those parts of you that have been living in the darkness for so very long, remember this.

Just loving you along, one day at a time!
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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Prayer; The Asking And Receiving.

Growing up, each of us, in one manner or another, were taught that prayer was a way to ask for what we wanted or needed. If we were born into a religious family, we were taught to pray before each meal in Thanksgiving for the food we were about to eat. Pray at bedtime for our safe arrival into heaven should we die during the night. And also to pray for all those we loved in order that they too would reach heaven in a safe and timely manner.

What I believe we were never taught was how prayer worked. How did saying a few words to a God that was so far and distant from our daily lives, going to bring to us what we were praying for? Not only that, many times we would pray for something and it would seem from all outward appearances, that our prayers were not answered, which turned the whole act of praying into something we did in order to make our parents happy.

Prayer for me is not so much sitting down and asking God that is far away from me, to grant me what I am praying for. Prayer is an acknowledgment in my ability to send out the desired outcome to any situation happening in my life, or the lives of another. It is KNOWING that by my intentions to bring healing to another, for example, will rise and meet all other intentions for that same healing and the healing will take place to the highest good of that person and their journey.

Prayer is not so much of an "asking" as it is a "knowing" that when a need is requested from the place of an open heart, life moves in and fills that void, no matter what the cause or who the person. It is our connection to life, our connection to God, our connection to our very hearts that are so powerful, that life just responses. Life exist to do just that, respond.

God is no further than our hearts. Gratitude is a silent prayer of Thanks. We are in a constant state of prayer when we are grateful, happy, kind and loving. Words are used in directing this state of being. Words are used to propel the power of our hearts into a specific direction or to a specific person. Words however are not necessary but being in a state of loving intent and being grateful that our intentions will manifest, is critical.

Using words in a formal prayer is a great way to direct our focus. To direct our intentions to what it is we wish to change or have. But it is just a way to direct our focus, it is not what brings about the change we seek. It is our intention, our loving appeal and our knowing that what is asked for will arrive in its perfect time and perfect way.

When we can direct our loving intent to every person, place or thing around us. Then prayer will be what we do naturally and words will be a thing of the past because what we set into motion when we pray, will be in constant motion all of the time.

Just loving you along,
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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Many We's of Me

Picture Credit; Walt Disney

We have all heard the story of "Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs" as we were growing up. This story like many others were classified as "fairy tales" yet underneath the story, there lies a hidden truth. This one for me, held a metaphor for what I was experiencing on my personal journey.

As I walked the path of unification, there were times when I found myself becoming this image of Snow White with her 7 dwarfs. I began to understand that everyone I met was showing me a part of myself that was mostly unconscious. It was really an eye opener to truly understand that there were so many different aspects of myself buried deep within me and that they made up my physical experience. They were attracting all the people and experiences in my life, right along with the conscious parts of myself.

If we look at the story of Snow White we could see how these tiny little men may have been reflecting different aspects of her. We have the persona of, Doc, Sleepy, Happy, Sneeze, Dopey, Bashful, and Grumpy. In my own life I can attest to the fact that I have been the healer in many ways. (doc) I have been asleep at the wheel of my life at times. (sleepy) Happiness has become a part of life like never before. (happy) Not always have I made the best choices. (dopey) I have been uncomfortable about getting my work "out there." (bashful) and most of all, those moments and sometimes days, of being just plain ol grumpy! (grumpy)

What was startling to realize though was that when I was being Bashful, Grumpy was there the whole time sending out grumpy energy about being bashful! When I was joyful and happy, dopey was still steering my life and making some really crazy choices. Underneath the conscious, the unconscious persona's were there as well, creating my life right along with the conscious parts.

It was when I really realized that I had all these different we's within me, that I began to welcome them all into my waking life. I saw them for who and what they were. I began understanding that when I ran into someone that treated me badly, somewhere along the way I had forgotten about Grumpy and Grumpy was sending out grumpy energy, attracting to me grumpy people and situations. Knowing that, I was able not only to forgive this person for their ill treatment, but I was able to lovingly see them as this tiny little dwarf tugging on my skirt, looking for my attention.

Being conscious is no easy task. Being unconscious has been a way of life for a very long time and it is not easy to change our mode of operation without understanding first how we are made up and how we create our lives. Just knowing is one thing, experiencing it and truly understanding it, is yet another. Every single person is showing us ourselves in perfect clarity.

Embrace the 7 dwarfs that lie within. Like with Snow White, they will take care of you. They will save you from the death of unconsciousness. They will serve you in ways that will surprise you and soon that sacred marriage that ends this fairy tale, will be the beginning of your own sacred marriage. It isn't about the conscious or the unconscious, it is about the acceptance and the integration of the two.

Just loving you along,

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Final Appreciation

As we progress on our spiritual paths, we all come to understand that gratitude is a huge part of shifting our energy from being the "victim," to being the creators of our lives. We have learned all the fundamental "rules," learned how to heal our wounds and to forgive. We have even learned to hear our inner guidance and to trust and follow it. In all of this we have found relief. But, there is still this hunger, this drive, this need to move forward and to live the life we have learned is possible. Yet still we may find our forward movement blocked or clouded in some way. So, we wonder at times, what gives?

We all have those time of worry and in those times I would have a few phrases stored away that I would begin thinking about, in order to shift the worry into confidence that all was well.  I would instantly begin to say something to myself like, "I am the Master of my physical reality." Over and over, I would repeated that phrase.

One time it wasn't until I was startled out of my ravine that I notice that the phrase I had been thinking over and over, had changed. Instead of the phrase, "I am the Master of my physical reality." I heard myself thinking, "I am GRATEFUL for my physical reality!" Wow, that had me stopping in my tracks in one of those "aha" moments. As I contemplated this I heard a soft whisper that said, "The Final Appreciation." Of course!

Lately we have all been in this place of "rubber meets the road." We have been dealing with everything in our lives that need to change. We have had to deal with things that have laid hidden and that have now come to light. Our relationships seem to be coming and than going. Our bank accounts fluctuate and we just don't know what to expect with each passing day. Nothing is stationary any longer and we wait with baited breath to see what is next. 

A while back I wrote a post called, "Fixing Our World." In this post I wrote that the only way to fix our lives, is to accept our lives the way they are without the need to fix them. It is in the need to fix them that we slip out of the gratitude of having a life, however they seem to be appearing to us at the moment.

We are all weary in this time of change but we know that the change is something we all have longed for, for a very long time.  We have been in this to win this, not sitting on the sidelines and our entire focus and our driving force has been to....get there!

Though the higher parts of us understand the course we set up for ourselves, there is still that hidden part of us, deep inside, that has been racing towards a, "finish line." There are times we just wish to be "finished," to be living and doing what we have worked hard towards.

So, the last appreciation that is up for consideration is, to consider that maybe it has been a LACK of appreciation, that hidden part of us feels, that has been pushing so hard for the manifestation of our dreams. And the truth of the matter is, that until that deep hidden part of us can really appreciate our physical lives, just the way they are, we can not allow the debris to be removed to make room for the manifestation of the new.

So, as the decks are cleared of our old lives our appreciation for the debris that is being swept away will create the space in which all the new will be put into place. And a shining new surface will appear and in its reflective surface we will finally see, that all we have worked towards is clearly seen.

Just loving you along,
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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Honoring Our Fear

Lately the issue of fear has been really center stage, so I thought I would take another look at fear and how it plays a part in our lives. The first thing that comes to mind about fear is that each and every one of us would rather run naked down a busy street, than to feel that horrible feeling associated with fear. Fear is the harshest feeling we can have, as pure beings of love and light. Fear is foreign to us because it was not created by God, and so it is the worst feeling we can have because of this.

What I have learned is, that we dislike the feeling of fear so much that we will do anything we can, not to feel it. Crush it, swallow it, run from it, avoid anything that would bring this feeling up and kill it if we could. These are all thing we do to avoid the fear and it is the very thing that keeps us locked up as prisoners within our lives.

The thing is, by doing all these things we are not addressing the one thing that can set us free. When we first fell from grace and into this realm of duality, fear was more like a tool in our tool box that came with living in a realm of polarity. We did not need a tool box when we were in the realms of oneness, which is why fear is so foreign to our very souls and why it hurts so much. But as we found ourselves here we needed a way in order to navigate this realm and so the tool box began to fill.

We created tools like hunger which prompted us to eat. Tiredness, to sleep. Fear, to keep us safe, etc. We had an array of tools in our tool box and they were crucial to our survival but they were at this time, just tools. It wasn't until the tool of fear began to be used more than the other tools that it took on a life of its own and jumped out of our tool boxes and into an individual entity that stock's our every move.

So, with that understanding we can see that fear is no longer a tool but a force we must reckon with. No longer can we allow this "beast" to run our lives and steal our joy. It wasn't created for that purpose but it was created and we can not destroy it, but we can tame it right into a tool that it was meant to be in the first place.

What I have found best to do when fear appears, is to acknowledge it. Why you may ask? Because it is a part of you. A HUGE part of you. It is the part of you that has run amok and it is seeking it's way home to you. So, as we acknowledge it, it looses its intensity a bit because it has our attention. As we have our attention on the fear we are than in a position to honor it. "Yes, I am AFRAID." "Yes, I would rather not do this." "Yes, as I stand here in this fear it really hurts." We can not destroy it, but we can change it into courage.  The courage to feel the fear and do it anyway! By doing this, fear than begins to serve US!

As we feel the fear and do it anyway, we become stronger each time fear shows up in our lives. Than there will come a time when fear will come to visit, and you will offer it a cup of tea. Than you will get on with what it is that you need to do. In the end, when you host a tea party, fear will not be in attendance because fear has become courage and courage will be one of the most used tools in your tool box.

Here's to fear! (raises tea cup)

Just loving you along,
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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I Did It My Way

I dedicate this to all those who have paved the way out of the darkness and into the LIGHT.....Thank You!

Music by: Andre Ruie and the Johann Strauss Orchestra

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Eternally Yours

Long ago I wrote this poem while I was moving through an intense period of digging deep within myself, searching for all the lost pieces in order to fully integrate the lost and hidden aspects we try so hard to hide.

Just loving you along,
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Eternally Yours

From across the sea she calls to thee,
arms outstretched, beckoning.
Come taste the sweet delight,
for she promises much, within her Light.

Her touch is ecstasy,
something that was unforeseen.
Lying now in tangle webs he weeps,
straining against the binds that he cannot see.

To get to her, is all he needs,
turning and twisting,
raging to be free.
Held captive by her ecstasies.

He bargain with all he owns,
giving up totally all he has sown.
To feel her lips so gentle and sweet,
the nectar of paradise, he struggle to keep.

She comes to him as the dawn breaks the sky,
to hold him close while he cries.
Her healing touch is all that matters,
her body, her lips, her beautiful laughter.

They dance to the rhythm of their love.
An ancient ritual given from up above.
Until they are spent and languish,
within the arms of ancient magic.

She rises to ascend, their time at an end,
for heaven awaits, the one that was sent.
She brushes his cheek with her lips full of love,
he reaches for the angel, sent to him from above.

Gone she is, he falls to the ground,
sorrow and weeping, his only sound.
Together they shall always be,
for true love lives, eternally.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Redefining The Word, Exercise.

Long ago, when I took a giant step onto a fast moving spiritual path, I was told clearly that what was needed at this point of my journey was, exercise. I was sitting in a class of about 20 people and everyone in the room expelled a groan at the very thought of this. As the moans raced through the room, we all held onto our seats thinking that, "maybe this spiritual fast track really isn't for me after all!"

The simple word, "exercise" brings up all the old theme's and visions of what exercise meant to us as children. What was interesting to me was how my initial reaction to this statement actually jolted me too! I have been athletic all my life and exercise most every day, so exercise was not anything new but it was the WORD, "exercise' that sent off warning bells within me, not the actual activity.

We all have a vision of what the word exercise means to us, but we are basing this knowledge on our experiences in the old energy and from the old paradigm. So, lets take a new look at the word from a light filled perspective and from the new paradigm of Light.

Before when we were living in a much denser world, our body's required a lot of movement such as running, jogging and hiking. Or, playing heavy sports like; football, basketball, volley ball, etc. Then there was the gym, where there was an assortment of cardio machines and weights we could lift in order to stay slim and trim.

In today's more light filled world that level of exercise is not necessary to keep our bodies fit. In fact, less is more these day, but even with that said, we have to move our bodies and keep our energy moving. That doesn't take a lot of effort just the choice to get up and do it!

Walking is a perfect way to get out doors and to move our energy. There are a few ways that walking helps our spiritual growth, here are just two of them. The first is, while we are moving our bodies all the stuck energy from all the internal processing begins to move. The second is, as we are walking we are expanding our breathing and deep breathing is our connection to life. How could we not feel better?

Stretching is another good form of exercise that doesn't take a lot of effort, but the pay off is just as great. As we stretch we again are moving the stuck energy in our bodies. Those stuck energies is what causes disease, depression, anger, etc. The list is endless! We are processing in huge ways these day and as we do, the energies have to have an outlet in order for us to bring in more light. Since we are now carrying a lot more light in our bodies the heavy forms of exercise is not necessary, but movement is critical!

Have you ever gotten out of bed in the morning and had a hard time moving your joints? Now, I am not talking about the old aches and pains we have as we get older. I am talking about the joints like, your finger joints, your elbows, how about in the hip area? These are all signs of stuck energy that has not yet been moved out of your body, after a heavy night of processing.

When we are processing, we are digging deep within the cellular structure and pulling out issues that can go back as far as 7 generations! Think about that! 7 generations! This is DNA/RNA clearing and this "stuff" must be moved out of the body in a timely manner, especially these days when we are evolving at the speed of light!

So, why not take a walk around the block? While you are out there you may find that you have always wanted to explore that grassy vale around the corner. Or how about going to the mall? How fun is it to walk around the mall and people watch? Exercise does not have to be a team sport, a trip to the gym, or even a jog through the nearest park. Though all of those things are great, the simple things like walking and stretching can completely change how you feel. It can bring you instant joy and quicken your ability to anchor more light into your body. It is with more light that we are better able to create that dream life we hold in our hearts and see in our minds!

Happy trails...

Just loving you along,
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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Bright Light Of Scrutiny

Since all of this new energy has arrived and our new upgraded energy bodies are finding their new balance, I can see just how this energy is going to go about it's work.

Picture if you will, the spot light that is brought in and set up for a grand opening, or before a super sale at a store or mall in your local neighborhood. This huge spot light when lit, reaches up to the sky in bold rays of light, heralding a great event.

That great event however, is YOU. This light has been sent here for you, by you, in order to blaze through the last remaining goo that has been glued to the bow of our ships like barnacles. It is the intense light of scrutiny. Seeing into every crack and crevices of our being and there is absolutely nowhere to hide!

This light is laser thin and it cuts deep, in order to really see and fully understand all the "what, where's and how's of our past. In doing so, it is sure to exit now so that as we can prepare to step into the "new," where the old will not follow. What would be the point of creating something completely new, from old outmoded patterns? It all has to go and in order for it to go, we must UNDERSTAND at the deepest levels of ourselves, how it got stuck onto the bottom of our boats to begin with!

This spot light is demanding, change. Period. No, "ands, ifs, or buts, about it! Change and change, now.

The pressure this can cause can be really intense, if one is being blinded by the light by many different things, all at once. What can help is, to calmly acknowledge the issue, like you would a troublesome child. Reassure it that as soon as you are able, you will give it your full attention and then set about to find the answers. Ignoring it, like any child, will only cause it to push you harder. The answers are there, the spot light that is YOU, is shining the light bright enough to see them now!

The frustration that we can feel during this process can only add more weight to the problems. As hard as it may be to do, staying calm and in the moment maybe the only thing that can allow the spot light that is currently blinding us, to rotate past us, until of course, it comes back around again! And it will, but when it does we can see it coming and with calm certainty make the changes required.

Things defiantly need to change in our lives but it doesn't mean we have to drown under the weight of it all. Step, by calm centered step, is the productive way to go. These issues are not new to us, they are just a lot more insistent and we are far more able to SEE them now, with the clear leans of scrutiny, that will allow us to really understand it all.

Courage is the by-word and what is most needed now to make the necessary changes. We each have an entourage of angels, guides, and Masters here beside us, just waiting to jump in and help. But we must first have the courage to choose to make the changes and then to ask for their help!

Planet earth is the home of angels. It is the most diverse planet in our solar system and beyond. We came here in order to learn how to co-create with our God parents, the joy's of physical life and that is what we are doing! We are making room now for what is here, hovering  just out of our reach.

And in the end, (beginning) we will look back on all of this with tears of joy in our eyes and we will see that all these changes that we thought we could never make, were worth it. The ride of a life time is coming around its final bend and wow, what a ride it has been!

Just loving you along,
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Friday, July 8, 2011

Getting From Here To There

As the planetary shift continues, the energies of last months eclipses, and Solstice, dance around our life like a Tango couple bent on ignoring each other as well as those around them. So focused is this energy, that everything not in alignment too it, is brought center stage for review.

That could mean a lot of things to different people. It could mean that the dentist appointment you have been putting off, can be put off no longer. The move you have been wanting to make is now not an option or your life could simply be one train wreck after another with no end in sight.

It is because the old ways are gone and we are playing in a new field of reality. Yes, it all looks the same, so it seems, yet it sure does feel different. That is because our subtle bodies, aka; "energy fields" have had an up grade, that the majority of humanity has never experienced before. In other words, we are now in new territory. A territory that has never been experienced in physical reality, ANYWHERE in creation!

How does that sound to you? Pretty awesome, huh? Well, it is an awesome feeling to think that we have, as a collective, gone where "No person has gone before," but it still takes some getting use too. The one thing I have found useful in this new energy is, to surrender to what isn't working. What I mean by that is this.

The way we create our lives is not the same any longer. It isn't like we did anything wrong, in fact it is because we have done something right! The trouble comes when we try to do things the same way we use too, because in this new territory there are no guide books. Yep, no one knows how this new frontier works. No one! We are all in this kind of, "hit and miss" series of exercises that are meant to teach us how to move forward.

So, what has been working for me is that I focus on how something feels to me before thinking about it. Does it feel good? Does it make me feel happy when I think about doing it? Would this job feel good to go to everyday? Would a relationship with this person enhance my life?" Then if something feels right, I take the next step because I know that it is in alignment to not only my path, but in alignment to my heart!

If after feeling my way into a direction and I take a step that way and things, "don't come easy", I know there is a reason for that. It isn't that I have made a, "wrong turn" or "wrong choice," it simply means that there is something I still don't know, still don't see, or that the timing is a tad off. We can sometimes "get" things so quickly these days that creation has to catch up with us! So, I surrender to the timing and honor the closed doors, knowing that the door I seek, is just around the cornor.

Now, there is another factor that applies here. Our rate of growth these days. We are all growing in leaps and bounds which can cause a bit of a problem here in this 3/4D reality. Example; You are open to receive a vibrational match in a relationship and your heart is bursting from your chest. You just know your new partner is in your energetic space, you can feel them there! You are full of joy! You wake up every morning anticipating the day, wondering if you will meet them today! "Is today the day," you say as you jump out of bed?

You are so full of joy, so filled with love for life that your energy level just moved up a notch or two. You are in this new place of energetic vibration now and "oh it feels SO good!" Then weeks go by and you still haven't met your match and you begin to wonder at this, because you are no longer feeling them in your space as much.

The reason for this is, that you have grown out of the vibrational range of the one you had attracted! In fact, you probably walked right on by them in the store, or at the gas station, etc. What has happened is, in this new energy we are moving at warp speed and vibrationally we are out growing our creations before they have time to land. Do you see?

So, the next time you take one step forward, that seems to land you two steps back, remember that the playing field of earth has changed. You are NOT falling back, per se, you are just moving forward very quickly! Know with all your heart, that when this happens, there is far more ahead of you than you can even imagine and your higher self is with you, helping to make sure you get there!

Just loving you along,
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Tuesday, July 5, 2011


When I think of freedom, I think of the words in a Janis Joplin song, "Freedom is just another word, for nothing left to lose." It is true that once you lose everything, there is a sense of freedom, but I can only imagine that the feeling of freedom would only come, after the shock of all the loss had passed.

Freedom has many meanings and not all of them come in a rosy canister, tied in ribbon. For some freedom is being able to do anything they want to do, anytime they choose. To others, it is being free to voice their opinion without fear of execution. And to other's, it could mean the freedom to walk down the street without being accosted. What may surprise a lot of us is that freedom for some may even be, just free enough to eat fresh food and drink clean water.

So, what is freedom really? Is it just a phrase we use when we refer to being able to do anything? Is it being able to live life on our own terms regardless of the consequences? Or is it a state of being that allows us to live outside the box? Is it a label we put on something in order for us not to feel, controlled, hemmed in, or oppressed?

I believe it is all those things, yet none of those things. For me, true freedom comes when we are all free. Not just a few, or those who live in what is labeled a "free country." I can walk down the street today and ask 10 people how free they are feeling right now and get the same answer. Not free at all!

It is when each and everyone of us can be free to be who we are, right now, in this moment. It doesn't mean we will be the same in the next moment or the next. It isn't a state of being that last, because true freedom is being able to change, and to change often, without the need to be fixed into anything. We don't need to live in a "free country" because the world is free. Do you see?

Freedom will come to each of us when we allow others their freedom to be who they choose to be, right now. If someone chooses to be something that we may not like or agree with, so what. We are free to choose to stay or leave. That is the beauty of true freedom! We allow others to be what they are, when they are, because we are free to remove ourselves and be who we choose to be. We don't have the need to fix anyone or anything.

 How long do you think it would take, if we all moved away from situations that made us sad, unhappy and fearful, before those who are acting that way find themselves alone in the middle of their negative world? I sense they would stop this behavior all by themselves!

When there isn't a box, or a prerequisite or even a particular protocol of what we believe others should be, then true freedom will be found and it will be found by all of us.

So, as the weekend passes and all the freedom celebrations end, how free are you feeling right now? Your answer will tell you a lot about yourself. It will also tell you a lot about what is needed to bring your life, as well as, this wonderful planet home. Long ago, my beloved Master guide told me that when earth reaches her new home, she would be called by a new name. Can you guess what that name will be? It will be; "Planet Earth; Freedom's Holy Star!"

Now, that is true freedom in a nut shell!

Just loving you along,
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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

All Hands On Deck

This is a guest blog I wrote for "On The Journey" blogspot.

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Recently I had a vision of a ship while contemplating the spiritual process that is in full swing on earth now. I found it intriguing that I was shown a huge ship as a description to what I had been thinking. It became clear when I just allowed the vision to tell me what it wanted me to know.

Unity was already a reality here on earth, not something that will be created. It already is. Then a few days later I was asked to write a guest blog about unity and my thoughts on how I felt it could be anchored here on earth. In a flash, the picture of that huge ship came to mind and I knew that this was what I had been preparing to do.

The ship in my minds eye was a large ship, one likened to the ships of old. Where the ship itself was large bellied with tall masts and many oars for manual rowing. It was a ship that Columbus would feel at home on. I remember thinking that this ship had a large crew and within this crew everyone had their perfect place according to their abilities.

The strong were the rowers when the wind was low. The navigators where the ones who knew the stars and could best plot the course. Then there is the cook, the medical team, the lines men, those that hoist the sails, etc. Everyone had their perfect job which they were good at. This was critical for the voyage to be a successful one and for the ship to reach it's destination.

Planet earth right now is no different. Whether we know it or not, we are all in our perfect place. We are awakening in our own perfect time, in order to keep balance and harmony on this ship as earth heads towards her destination. If we were all to awaken at once, the ship would sink. If half awakened, the ship would flounder and be off balanced. If only a few awakened, we wouldn't go anywhere, just stand still.
Those wide awake are not "better" than those sound asleep. We all chose before birth where our own expertise would best serve the entire ship, to keep it balanced and afloat during our rocky and sometimes daunting voyage. We all chose when we would awaken and we all have our perfect place until we do. We are the crew in perfect harmony, in perfect unity already!

Instead of working to anchor something already real, would it not be better for us to realize and recognize that in perfect unity, we are sailing this ship into port, and the ones who sleep on the journey will be the ones who will awaken in time to best serve our arrival?

They will be the ones who will awaken just in time to see the New World come into view and it will be their job to then unload our ship and begin building the New World. And, I for one am really grateful for that, because after such a long journey, I think I will go for a swim! Unity is now and we are already united!

Just loving you along,

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ode To Joy

The other day I ran across this video on my face book stream and just laughed out loud. In that moment my vibration rose another notch and joy chased away any worries I had in that moment.

It was later as I watched the video again that I saw another message emerging. I realized that this was a perfect depiction of what unity was, not only individually but also collectively. It was amazing as the picture became really clear.

Within each of us there is a collective, aka; mind, heart, body and spirit. Within this collective in order to be in balance, we must also be in harmony. When one of the collective looses focus, faith or even desire to live, our entire unit becomes unbalanced and out of harmony.

So too goes the collective human race. We see this when we watch a part of our collective do something harmful or hurtful to another part of the whole. We see the opposite, when we see someone reach out to another to help and in so doing, brings balance back to our collective well being. As a collective unit, we are constantly in a state of flux as the collective strives to stay in balance. So, to on a personal level.

We are each, individual and collectively, individual units and to keep our worlds in love, harmony and balance, it is the job of each part of our unit to be in harmony with the whole.

You can see the results, when an aspect of ourselves becomes unfocused or self centered. The entire collective falls and chaos ensues!

So, the next time we step forward and the music begins to play, lets take the ME and change it to WE and play a symphony of harmony, balance and beauty. Then as we each harmonise ourselves, the world will sing in harmony as well.

Ode to Joy has brought both joy and laughter to my shores, as well as a deep and penetrating way to see myself, as a sum total of all of my parts.

With laughter in my heart and a great appreciation for this wonderful funny video, I ask you, what melody are you currently playing?

Just loving you along,
Video by The Muppets on YouTube

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Bench

I will never forget the time when I first moved to Mt. Shasta. Like every place I have ever lived, one of the first things I did was to take a long walk around to see the area and to find a place of refuge that I could enjoy.

I came upon a place that was full of life that just seemed to draw me in. There in the middle of this place was a spot where 6 trees, 3 on each side forming a circle, stood together. It just looked magical to me, how these trees seem to be in this spot together. Under these trees was a piece of a large tree branch that was big enough to sit on, yet was so low to the ground that it was hard to sit on it comfortably in order to fully relax and just BE.

That did not stop me from sitting there and I would walk to this place all the time and just sit and connect with nature. One day I had a thought to myself as I was working out the kinks in my legs, "It sure would be nice to have a park bench right there under those trees. Yep, if I could, I would place one there. "

I walked all the way home thinking how great it would be to be able to sit there in that beautiful place, in far more comfort then how I have been. I thought that maybe I could start sitting on the ground and I made a note to myself to next time bring something to sit on . Something that would fit in my pocket so I wouldn't have to carry it, since this place was a ways from home.

The next time I headed there on a walk, I got almost to my spot and realized I had forgotten to bring something to sit on. I thought to myself, "well I will just create something! I know I can, so when I get there, there will be something for me to sit on." Thinking of course of a piece of cardboard or something. So, as I walked I began to really look around me, hunting for a scrap of anything that I could use. 

As I approached my spot and nothing to sit on was to be seen, I just sighed and said, "next time, remember to bring something!" I came around the final bend of the path and looked up. In a jaw dropping moment of disbelief, there under those trees just how I had envisioned it, was a park bench! I kid you not!

I stopped dead in my tracks, jaw hanging open in total disbelief! I thought I was seeing things, truly! My heart was beating out of my chest and it wasn't from the long walk.

I approached the bench as if it was going to disappear. I stopped in front of it and leaned down and touched it. It was made of this beautiful wood and it was chained to the trunk of one of the trees. I walked around the trees, looking here and there almost waiting for someone to jump out and scream, surprise! I gingerly sat down to test the reality of it and I was totally blown away when it didn't dissolve from under me!

Everything I had learned about life, changed in that one moment. Everything! I realized that I live in a safe, loving and supportive universe even if I didn't know this. I realized that I was loved and cared for by far more then I could ever comprehend.  My entire life changed that day and every time I walk to this place and sit on that bench I glory in creation. I glory in the basic fact that we are not alone and we are loved beyond our knowing.

Now, I know you must be thinking, how DID that bench get there. I am sure I am not the only one that found that place to be a wonderful place to visit. I have seen evidence of others being there and someone else had the same idea I did, but was in a position to truck one there and chain it up. 

For me, it isn't the how so much but the timing of it all! That bench could have shown up there at any time, but the universe choose to deliver it to me when I had asked for it. When I had finally had the confidence to KNOW that there would be something there for me to sit on that day! Now, how brilliant is that?

Just loving you along, 
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Friday, June 3, 2011

In A Word---Gratitude


All through my conscious journey I have heard spiritual truths. They are repeated in our lives over and over and in many different ways, in an attempt to get through to us. That is how things work on this road to enlightenment. It is a continuous repeat of every "good thing" we can do to hasten ourselves down the path. Some times they "hit" home, other times it is a "miss," but we always get it, eventually.

The one simple truth that disturbed me the most, was the one that surprised me the most, by the power it had in changing my life. In a word, gratitude. Yep, that simple word would make my insides buck and twist into knots. I just could not see how being grateful for the mess my life was in was going to help change it. On top of that, it was difficult, at best, to find something to be grateful for.

Oh, I would give it a go now and then. Especial in those moments of disbelief that my life had taken the turn it had. I would say something like, "I am grateful that the cliff I just went over is only 2 feet down instead of 100 feet down!" You can see how that helped my life. I was confirming, that I had just gone over a cliff and according to the laws of attraction, another cliff was soon to appear on the horizon!

Seriously now, what I did find interesting was that every time I did say I was grateful for, "..." and really meant it, I felt my insides tie into knots and resist the thought. The angry, negative part of me started screaming in my ear all the reason I had, NOT to be grateful. And that angry voice was right in most cases and I just wasn't in a place to, not agree with it. So, I decided that, when I can FEEL grateful, then I will say, I am grateful. Humm.

Then came the testing. I would test myself all the time. "I am grateful for "..." Nope, still nothing. Don't feel a thing. In fact my insides still refuse to budge on this issue, so surly this doesn't work!

One day as I lay face down and too tired to move as my life used me as a trampoline, I simply said, "I am grateful that my life looks to be over, and now I can rest." Do you know that in that moment my insides actually yelled, "YES! you are grateful!" And for the first time I actually felt it! It was in that moment of least resistance that I cracked open the barriers and felt what gratitude feels like. It was amazing!

Now, just because I cracked that shell open did not mean that being grateful and feeling it was easy. What I realized was that at first, I didn't necessarily need to feel the gratitude before I could be grateful. Even though the mental concept of gratitude is only mental until felt, I still had to start somewhere. And so I began to mentally list every day all the things I was grateful for. The first one on the list was always the hardest. The second one a tad easier and by the forth and fifth item on the list, I noticed that it was getting easier and easier and the list was getting longer and longer! All of a sudden the door swung open and the amount of things in my life that I had to be grateful for came tumbling out.

Today, I don't get out of bed before listing all the things in my life that I am grateful for. Nor do I go to sleep at night without doing this as well. Even throughout the day when things go awry, I immediately begin to list all the things that are going right and how grateful I am for that! Even when it is hard and I am angry, I push through the anger and find one thing. Then the next thing comes a little easier and more show up. Most of the times that I do this, the thing that went awry just magically disappeared or changed! 

There is no other feeling like the feeling you get when that subtle shift occurs and you are taken from the realm of anger and frustration and into the realm of calm and center-ness. I would call this realm the, "state of grace" and that is where gratitude is realized and life takes on a newness never experienced before!

From my grateful heart to yours,
Just loving you along,
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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Through The Looking Glass

Have you ever found yourself completely baffled by an experience you are having, wondering how you ever attracted it into your life? Well, if you have, you are certainly not alone.

Things happen to "good" people and "bad" people in a way that doesn't make much sense to us, as we view the event through our own life experiences. We can not look at anything in life, without running it through our own personal lens of perception. Everything is colored by this lens, and therefore we see things as we believe them to be more then seeing them for what is truly taking place.

It is as if we are standing inside a  glass container, looking out wondering how we got into that container at all. We stand there and watch as the experience we are experiencing swirls around us, disconnected and feeling totally "apart" from the experience. There is a sense of "surreal" to these kinds of events, that of the "otherworldly".

It is at these times we are the viewer of the events. We are the witness, witnessing and therefore, not a part of the experience even though we are standing in the midst of it. We are in it, yet out of it, at the same time. There is a numb feeling that overcomes us as if we are being held in the protectiveness of a space, that was not present only moment before. We are ourselves, looking out at ourselves, apart yet strangely together.

These are the times of our greatest learning. It is likened to, "being in the world, but not of it." It is the twilight zone of learning that we place ourselves in, in order to learn who we really are. In that place of surreal calm, we are more able to view our lives from a dispassionate state. We are able to view the event from a perspective that is not colored by past experiences that we have stored within our subconscious minds. We are viewing the event from the totality of who we are, in truth, not illusion.

Here in these spaces of great reward are hidden vast stores of wisdom to be claimed, maybe not in the moment of happening, but in moments of reflection afterwards. It is then that we can truly experience the wholeness of who we are, in the context of who we are not, without the trauma of experience.

We are always sheltered from the storms of life, but in these rare moments of detachment, we are placed within a protective web of life where learning becomes far more important to our journey then the pain of experience.

So, when these types of experiences come to call and even though these times may be frightening and last on your list of things you wish to experience, open fully into the gift that is present and learn at the deepest level of yourself, just who you really are! These are life changing events that come to us by the grace of God, for it is always the desire of God, that we come home into fullness with Him. Place your trust there, and reach inward towards home.

Just loving you along,
Photo credit; wakingdream1

Friday, May 20, 2011

Health and Aging, OH MY!

Throughout the years we have all heard that, what we think, is what we are, right?" Well, it wasn't until recently did I really understand fully, what that statement truly meant. We are all so inundated by all the different "new thought" movements that after a while we don't really hear it any longer. It becomes so tiring to always be doing "this" or "that." Most of us just throw our hands up and refuse to move another inch. It almost seems impossible to meet all the criteria to what it will take to change our lives for the better.

What really hit home for me was a very simple idea that became a HUGE, aha moment for me. I mean I finally really GOT it, through I had heard it probably a hundred times. It begins with this simple statement; "What you think and feel, you become." The second thing to add to that statement is, "it has been scientifically proven that the cells in our bodies regenerate each and every day, and in approximately 7 years, every cell in our body has been 'reborn' or regenerated back to its original health." Humm.. So, I asked myself this question, "If my cells are being released and regenerated every day and I have a brand new cellular structure every 7 years or so, then why do I look ancient and feel even older that that?

 Of course! It all came rushing in. Our thoughts and feelings can re-create even our aging process! I mean, really think about this! Each day the old is being replaced with the new! If we are always focused on what is sagging and aching all the time, we are teaching those new cells that behavior! We are literally taking these new cells and telling them that they are OLD and UN-healthy! What if we began to really believe that we were getting younger every day (because physically we are) instead of older? It is a scientific fact isn't it? Hasn't it been PROVEN?

So, lets take our focus away from the aches and pains and place it on the joyous FACT that our "aches and pains" aka; old cells, are naturally being shucked off everyday! By doing this, I am sure that our new cells would regenerate at a quicker rate and health, youthfulness and well being would be the result! It can be no other way! It is cosmic law! Do you see? 

So, the next time you look in the mirror and see what your thoughts have created to date, just move your focus away from that and onto the new cells that are replacing the old ones and maybe one morning, we will wake and see a much younger version of ourselves, looking back at us in that same mirror!  

Mirror, mirror on the wall, you ARE the fairest of them all!
Just loving you along,

Friday, May 13, 2011

Fixing Our World

"Problems cannot be solved at the same level of thinking that created them."
Albert Einstein

Fixing my world was probably the most important thing I wished to do, when I really began to understand that my every thought and feeling was creating it. Gone where the days when I could look outside of myself, and blame another person or thing for the mess that my life had become. Going about changing it was my first priority. The hunt then began for everything I could read about, regarding the laws of the universe that govern our lives.

First came the, "fix your world by monitoring your thoughts." Oh, boy! That was a lot of work! I had more thoughts then I could keep up with and I soon found myself tired and frustrated. The thing was, I knew this was an important part of the puzzle, but not the whole puzzle.

Then came the, "visualize your life the way you wish it to be." That was a little easier for me, though I sure had to work on my visualization techniques. But all in all, my mind became a cartoon land, where I played with images of how I would like my world to look like. Still, this too was only a piece of the puzzle.

Adding to this, I began the rounds of mantra's. Over and over I would recite to myself exactly how my world was, not what it seemed. This too was just another layer, but only a piece of the puzzle.

So, there I was, doing the best I could to control my thoughts and to visualize my perfect world. Even though I found my life improving, it sure wasn't the world I was seeing in my mind. It wasn't until I really understood why I was here on earth that things began to make more sense to me.

We all came from paradise didn't we? So, why would we do such a thing? Why would we come to an imperfect world from a prefect one? Because, we are all here in this imperfect world in order to know our perfect self's!

Have you heard the phrase, "Earth is a school of learning"? The reason for that is because, this is a world of contrast. A world of polar opposites to be exact. Without one, the other could not exist! So, fixing our world would be likened to removing the text books out of grade school and expecting to graduate college. There would be no way of reaching our potential without a guideline to getting there.

It was in that moment that I quit trying to fix anything! I began to realize that in order to "fix" my world I had to allow my world to show me what I wasn't, without the need to "fix" it! The more I focused on my True Self, the more my world reflected to me, everything that I was NOT! Do you see?

I began to empower myself by KNOWING that I was NOT this, or that! It was in those moments that I could see clearly who I AM, because of the contrast. When my bank account said I was "poor," I knew I wasn't poor, I AM a child of God! As soon as I moved away from trying to fix it, I pulled my attention away from what I was not and onto what I AM, until doing this caused a tipping point in which, by universal law, my life had to begin reflecting to me who I really am! It is law!

So, the next time you see or experience something in your world, that does not reflect what you wish to see or experience, remember who you really are and fix it by, moving away from the reflection of what you are NOT, and focus instead on who you really are! Then step back and watch as your world changes to reflect who you really are, without you having to fix a thing.

As a side note, I firmly believe that as each one of us does this in our own life, we will begin a momentum that will tip the scales collectively. Then there will once again be, Heaven on Earth.

Just loving you along,

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Power of Surrender

The other day I saw a picture of a person holding a tiny tree in his outstretched hands. What was interesting was that the photo was called, "The Power of Surrender." I saved the picture and it wasn't until I went back and really looked at it, did I come to understand what the title was telling me.

The power of surrender was not within the person holding the tiny tree, it was in the surrender that the tiny tree had shown, in order to be uprooted and then replanted. That was pretty profound for me, since my life has been in this state of suspension for quite some time now.

As I sat staring at this picture, I noticed that the hands that were holding this tiny tree, were holding it with pure reverences and care. You can see that this tree was being loved and cared for. There was no need for this tree to be fearful or mistrusting. There was no need for it to wonder where it was going to be planted, or if the soil would be rich enough for it to grow and thrive. None of these things were a concern, because it was being held in a loving embrace.

How perfect this picture was, in it's simplistic showing of how each and every one of us, is held in that same loving embrace. We are constantly being asked to "surrender," but we have learned that to "surrender" means, giving over to something or someone more powerful then us. That is the furthest thing from the truth.

Surrendering into the loving hands of the universe, is a surrender given in trust, to a force that has every intention of seeing us safely, to where each of us wishes to go. It is the surrender of a child to it's loving parents. One that is in total trust, that the parents are protecting them and leading them into joy and happiness. It is a surrender into safety and nurturing that creates a space for child like enchantment and joy.

That is what this picture was telling me. It was telling me that it was okay to be unsure right now, because where I am choosing to go, is being prepared for me. It is now time for me to BE prepared to go there and the only way to get there is to, "surrender" into the loving hands of those that are able to lead me there. It is in detaching from the outcome of this place I find myself in, and in allowing, that what I dream of for my life is small in comparison to what is being offered to me, by the loving hands that are holding me.

How grateful I am to have been drawn to this beautiful picture! This little tree for me, is my own little "tree of life," being lovingly transplanted into its new home, where new life can be sown and where it can beautifully flourish. So, I ask you, what does this beautiful picture suggest to you?

Just loving you along,

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Changing Directions

In these times of accelerating change, I find it fascinating how quick our path can veer in a direction so different then where we were currently heading, or from what was expected.

In one moment, we are racing down the highway and the next we are parked in a parking lot, bewildered and shaken, from the instant change of direction. There is no mistaking the fact, that some thing bigger then us is steering our lives.

This is our higher intelligence at work. Though it would seem that we operate on earth alone and some times fearfully, the higher parts of us are here as well, helping us move quickly along our chosen paths.

Since the early 90's our guidance systems, (ie; higher intelligence)  has been coming closer and closer, to our physical earth bound self's. It was at that time that the gates of heaven open fully, in order to propel us forward toward the ascending path and away from the path of self destruction. It was a critical time for us all, as we were preparing to cross the 2000 year mark.

Before that time, most of our higher intelligences was connected to us through a thin silver cord and it was difficult to reach our conscious self's, because it had to reach us through layers and layers of negativity and conditioning. That was then, but in-between that time and now, we have made huge evolutionary leaps forward and because of that, our higher intelligence is closer to us then in any other time, since our fall from grace.

Now, it is involved in our lives like never before. We are heading towards complete integration and with that privilege comes, not only responsibility, but great acceleration with our learning process.

What I have found interesting lately, is that the situations in life come quickly and leave quickly. It doesn't take weeks or months to have an issue, face it and then rectify it. It comes in quickly and moves out quickly, unless of course, we drag our feet or avoid what is happening. If we confront what is in front of us in a clear and precise manner, the issue moves quickly into resolution. That is because our higher intelligence is the puppeteer of our show and it is here, in order to move us along.

So, when you find your self baffled, because you were headed down one road only to find yourself, stopped, searched, re-routed and some times even asked to park, no worries. Your higher intelligence is steering your car and there is nothing to fear. The amount of life we are living in one day, is currently equaling, a month worth of living. Relax when this happens and let someone else do the driving.

Just loving you along,

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Internal Hush.

When I woke this morning, I woke to the sound of silence and a feeling of a deep inner "hush". It felt like all life on the mountain was holding its collective breath. The earth herself seemed hushed, as the birds stayed quiet in their nest.

At first it seemed odd, since for the last few days, the mornings have been full of bird song and squirrel chatter. The snow here has been melting under a new sun, that has laid dormant for weeks. All has been ablaze, in this new spring light and all of nature has been breaking free, from cold winter nights.

I instantly connected to the earth and sent myself down deep within her, seeking that still point, where all of life connects. There I found only a soft heart beat. The rhythm of a drum.

I wondered at this, since no other sound could be heard. The normal movement of nature, absent. It was then I realized that this was a "pause". A place mothers go when the contractions subside. A place of utter relief, of momentary stillness. This is what I found this morning, as the hush settled into my bones and I too felt that calm reassurance that all was well.

Even with the sense of well being I had slipped into, there was still the knowing that this was only a "pause" and birth was still in progress. This was a time, in which to rest and gain strength for the next contraction, the next change, the next surge forward.

I have heard the heart beat of earth and her pulse is strong. Like any mother, who has taken on the burdens of her children, she has grown in strength, not weakness. She prepares, but for now she rest. She is in-between contractions and soon, once again, she will move, she will push, she will struggle to bring forth, new life.

Up ahead, not far off, it will all begin again. The earth will move, the oceans rise, the volcano's will send forth the life blood that lays simmering inside. She will birth the new world, ready or not.

As these changes occur, they occur in phases in order to sustain the status quo. Sustain a system way too old. In order to proceed, in ease and grace, there still needs to be, a plan in place. If all was to fall, all at once, then this birth would be harmful, to the new one to come.

So, while there is time, in which to rest. Let us all find peace with this. No pushing, no pulling it is time just to BE. While the earth and all life, prepare to be free.

With you always,
Just loving you along,