Friday, July 8, 2011

Getting From Here To There

As the planetary shift continues, the energies of last months eclipses, and Solstice, dance around our life like a Tango couple bent on ignoring each other as well as those around them. So focused is this energy, that everything not in alignment too it, is brought center stage for review.

That could mean a lot of things to different people. It could mean that the dentist appointment you have been putting off, can be put off no longer. The move you have been wanting to make is now not an option or your life could simply be one train wreck after another with no end in sight.

It is because the old ways are gone and we are playing in a new field of reality. Yes, it all looks the same, so it seems, yet it sure does feel different. That is because our subtle bodies, aka; "energy fields" have had an up grade, that the majority of humanity has never experienced before. In other words, we are now in new territory. A territory that has never been experienced in physical reality, ANYWHERE in creation!

How does that sound to you? Pretty awesome, huh? Well, it is an awesome feeling to think that we have, as a collective, gone where "No person has gone before," but it still takes some getting use too. The one thing I have found useful in this new energy is, to surrender to what isn't working. What I mean by that is this.

The way we create our lives is not the same any longer. It isn't like we did anything wrong, in fact it is because we have done something right! The trouble comes when we try to do things the same way we use too, because in this new territory there are no guide books. Yep, no one knows how this new frontier works. No one! We are all in this kind of, "hit and miss" series of exercises that are meant to teach us how to move forward.

So, what has been working for me is that I focus on how something feels to me before thinking about it. Does it feel good? Does it make me feel happy when I think about doing it? Would this job feel good to go to everyday? Would a relationship with this person enhance my life?" Then if something feels right, I take the next step because I know that it is in alignment to not only my path, but in alignment to my heart!

If after feeling my way into a direction and I take a step that way and things, "don't come easy", I know there is a reason for that. It isn't that I have made a, "wrong turn" or "wrong choice," it simply means that there is something I still don't know, still don't see, or that the timing is a tad off. We can sometimes "get" things so quickly these days that creation has to catch up with us! So, I surrender to the timing and honor the closed doors, knowing that the door I seek, is just around the cornor.

Now, there is another factor that applies here. Our rate of growth these days. We are all growing in leaps and bounds which can cause a bit of a problem here in this 3/4D reality. Example; You are open to receive a vibrational match in a relationship and your heart is bursting from your chest. You just know your new partner is in your energetic space, you can feel them there! You are full of joy! You wake up every morning anticipating the day, wondering if you will meet them today! "Is today the day," you say as you jump out of bed?

You are so full of joy, so filled with love for life that your energy level just moved up a notch or two. You are in this new place of energetic vibration now and "oh it feels SO good!" Then weeks go by and you still haven't met your match and you begin to wonder at this, because you are no longer feeling them in your space as much.

The reason for this is, that you have grown out of the vibrational range of the one you had attracted! In fact, you probably walked right on by them in the store, or at the gas station, etc. What has happened is, in this new energy we are moving at warp speed and vibrationally we are out growing our creations before they have time to land. Do you see?

So, the next time you take one step forward, that seems to land you two steps back, remember that the playing field of earth has changed. You are NOT falling back, per se, you are just moving forward very quickly! Know with all your heart, that when this happens, there is far more ahead of you than you can even imagine and your higher self is with you, helping to make sure you get there!

Just loving you along,
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  1. wow your blog really spoke to me today. Things in here I needed to hear. Thank you! It was beautifully written! :)

  2. This is an awesome post! I have to remember I'm going forward and not falling back. *HUGS*

  3. n i c e !!!!!!!! law of attraction.."this new energy we are moving at warp speed and vibrationally we are out growing our creations" leaves me in awe

  4. I read yesterday (and I know too little about astrology to really say much, but) that there is a "Retrograde" that starts now and ends in December. This is supposed to be REALLY powerful and will purge us into change! Whew!