Thursday, August 4, 2011

Eternally Yours

Long ago I wrote this poem while I was moving through an intense period of digging deep within myself, searching for all the lost pieces in order to fully integrate the lost and hidden aspects we try so hard to hide.

Just loving you along,
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Eternally Yours

From across the sea she calls to thee,
arms outstretched, beckoning.
Come taste the sweet delight,
for she promises much, within her Light.

Her touch is ecstasy,
something that was unforeseen.
Lying now in tangle webs he weeps,
straining against the binds that he cannot see.

To get to her, is all he needs,
turning and twisting,
raging to be free.
Held captive by her ecstasies.

He bargain with all he owns,
giving up totally all he has sown.
To feel her lips so gentle and sweet,
the nectar of paradise, he struggle to keep.

She comes to him as the dawn breaks the sky,
to hold him close while he cries.
Her healing touch is all that matters,
her body, her lips, her beautiful laughter.

They dance to the rhythm of their love.
An ancient ritual given from up above.
Until they are spent and languish,
within the arms of ancient magic.

She rises to ascend, their time at an end,
for heaven awaits, the one that was sent.
She brushes his cheek with her lips full of love,
he reaches for the angel, sent to him from above.

Gone she is, he falls to the ground,
sorrow and weeping, his only sound.
Together they shall always be,
for true love lives, eternally.