Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ode To Joy

The other day I ran across this video on my face book stream and just laughed out loud. In that moment my vibration rose another notch and joy chased away any worries I had in that moment.

It was later as I watched the video again that I saw another message emerging. I realized that this was a perfect depiction of what unity was, not only individually but also collectively. It was amazing as the picture became really clear.

Within each of us there is a collective, aka; mind, heart, body and spirit. Within this collective in order to be in balance, we must also be in harmony. When one of the collective looses focus, faith or even desire to live, our entire unit becomes unbalanced and out of harmony.

So too goes the collective human race. We see this when we watch a part of our collective do something harmful or hurtful to another part of the whole. We see the opposite, when we see someone reach out to another to help and in so doing, brings balance back to our collective well being. As a collective unit, we are constantly in a state of flux as the collective strives to stay in balance. So, to on a personal level.

We are each, individual and collectively, individual units and to keep our worlds in love, harmony and balance, it is the job of each part of our unit to be in harmony with the whole.

You can see the results, when an aspect of ourselves becomes unfocused or self centered. The entire collective falls and chaos ensues!

So, the next time we step forward and the music begins to play, lets take the ME and change it to WE and play a symphony of harmony, balance and beauty. Then as we each harmonise ourselves, the world will sing in harmony as well.

Ode to Joy has brought both joy and laughter to my shores, as well as a deep and penetrating way to see myself, as a sum total of all of my parts.

With laughter in my heart and a great appreciation for this wonderful funny video, I ask you, what melody are you currently playing?

Just loving you along,
Video by The Muppets on YouTube


  1. Oh, that kooky Beaker! LOL. It's so cute! I try to play melodies that keep me in good spirits. As long as I'm singing I'm in good spirits.

  2. I have a Beaker doll in my office! Always fun to be surrounded by reminders of joy! Thanks for sharing, Kathleen! Joy is everywhere, if we set our focus towards seeing it!