Friday, May 20, 2011

Health and Aging, OH MY!

Throughout the years we have all heard that, what we think, is what we are, right?" Well, it wasn't until recently did I really understand fully, what that statement truly meant. We are all so inundated by all the different "new thought" movements that after a while we don't really hear it any longer. It becomes so tiring to always be doing "this" or "that." Most of us just throw our hands up and refuse to move another inch. It almost seems impossible to meet all the criteria to what it will take to change our lives for the better.

What really hit home for me was a very simple idea that became a HUGE, aha moment for me. I mean I finally really GOT it, through I had heard it probably a hundred times. It begins with this simple statement; "What you think and feel, you become." The second thing to add to that statement is, "it has been scientifically proven that the cells in our bodies regenerate each and every day, and in approximately 7 years, every cell in our body has been 'reborn' or regenerated back to its original health." Humm.. So, I asked myself this question, "If my cells are being released and regenerated every day and I have a brand new cellular structure every 7 years or so, then why do I look ancient and feel even older that that?

 Of course! It all came rushing in. Our thoughts and feelings can re-create even our aging process! I mean, really think about this! Each day the old is being replaced with the new! If we are always focused on what is sagging and aching all the time, we are teaching those new cells that behavior! We are literally taking these new cells and telling them that they are OLD and UN-healthy! What if we began to really believe that we were getting younger every day (because physically we are) instead of older? It is a scientific fact isn't it? Hasn't it been PROVEN?

So, lets take our focus away from the aches and pains and place it on the joyous FACT that our "aches and pains" aka; old cells, are naturally being shucked off everyday! By doing this, I am sure that our new cells would regenerate at a quicker rate and health, youthfulness and well being would be the result! It can be no other way! It is cosmic law! Do you see? 

So, the next time you look in the mirror and see what your thoughts have created to date, just move your focus away from that and onto the new cells that are replacing the old ones and maybe one morning, we will wake and see a much younger version of ourselves, looking back at us in that same mirror!  

Mirror, mirror on the wall, you ARE the fairest of them all!
Just loving you along,

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