Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Final Appreciation

As we progress on our spiritual paths, we all come to understand that gratitude is a huge part of shifting our energy from being the "victim," to being the creators of our lives. We have learned all the fundamental "rules," learned how to heal our wounds and to forgive. We have even learned to hear our inner guidance and to trust and follow it. In all of this we have found relief. But, there is still this hunger, this drive, this need to move forward and to live the life we have learned is possible. Yet still we may find our forward movement blocked or clouded in some way. So, we wonder at times, what gives?

We all have those time of worry and in those times I would have a few phrases stored away that I would begin thinking about, in order to shift the worry into confidence that all was well.  I would instantly begin to say something to myself like, "I am the Master of my physical reality." Over and over, I would repeated that phrase.

One time it wasn't until I was startled out of my ravine that I notice that the phrase I had been thinking over and over, had changed. Instead of the phrase, "I am the Master of my physical reality." I heard myself thinking, "I am GRATEFUL for my physical reality!" Wow, that had me stopping in my tracks in one of those "aha" moments. As I contemplated this I heard a soft whisper that said, "The Final Appreciation." Of course!

Lately we have all been in this place of "rubber meets the road." We have been dealing with everything in our lives that need to change. We have had to deal with things that have laid hidden and that have now come to light. Our relationships seem to be coming and than going. Our bank accounts fluctuate and we just don't know what to expect with each passing day. Nothing is stationary any longer and we wait with baited breath to see what is next. 

A while back I wrote a post called, "Fixing Our World." In this post I wrote that the only way to fix our lives, is to accept our lives the way they are without the need to fix them. It is in the need to fix them that we slip out of the gratitude of having a life, however they seem to be appearing to us at the moment.

We are all weary in this time of change but we know that the change is something we all have longed for, for a very long time.  We have been in this to win this, not sitting on the sidelines and our entire focus and our driving force has been to....get there!

Though the higher parts of us understand the course we set up for ourselves, there is still that hidden part of us, deep inside, that has been racing towards a, "finish line." There are times we just wish to be "finished," to be living and doing what we have worked hard towards.

So, the last appreciation that is up for consideration is, to consider that maybe it has been a LACK of appreciation, that hidden part of us feels, that has been pushing so hard for the manifestation of our dreams. And the truth of the matter is, that until that deep hidden part of us can really appreciate our physical lives, just the way they are, we can not allow the debris to be removed to make room for the manifestation of the new.

So, as the decks are cleared of our old lives our appreciation for the debris that is being swept away will create the space in which all the new will be put into place. And a shining new surface will appear and in its reflective surface we will finally see, that all we have worked towards is clearly seen.

Just loving you along,
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  1. I totally believe that gratitude opens us up for God's abundance. It's as if God smiles when we say, "Thank you!"

    Yesterday was a beautiful day and when I was swimming I had the pool all to myself which is very rare. Suddenly as I swam happily with the freedom of not having to worry about getting in other people's way as I did my laps I was completely overcome with gratitude. It's funny how the little things can elicit this, isn't it? I felt blissful!

  2. I love this. I have had hardships before and have had to tell myself that I am in control. I have found it does indeed help. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Yes indeed. It is what it is and, we need to accept it. Very, very nicely said.