Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Through The Looking Glass

Have you ever found yourself completely baffled by an experience you are having, wondering how you ever attracted it into your life? Well, if you have, you are certainly not alone.

Things happen to "good" people and "bad" people in a way that doesn't make much sense to us, as we view the event through our own life experiences. We can not look at anything in life, without running it through our own personal lens of perception. Everything is colored by this lens, and therefore we see things as we believe them to be more then seeing them for what is truly taking place.

It is as if we are standing inside a  glass container, looking out wondering how we got into that container at all. We stand there and watch as the experience we are experiencing swirls around us, disconnected and feeling totally "apart" from the experience. There is a sense of "surreal" to these kinds of events, that of the "otherworldly".

It is at these times we are the viewer of the events. We are the witness, witnessing and therefore, not a part of the experience even though we are standing in the midst of it. We are in it, yet out of it, at the same time. There is a numb feeling that overcomes us as if we are being held in the protectiveness of a space, that was not present only moment before. We are ourselves, looking out at ourselves, apart yet strangely together.

These are the times of our greatest learning. It is likened to, "being in the world, but not of it." It is the twilight zone of learning that we place ourselves in, in order to learn who we really are. In that place of surreal calm, we are more able to view our lives from a dispassionate state. We are able to view the event from a perspective that is not colored by past experiences that we have stored within our subconscious minds. We are viewing the event from the totality of who we are, in truth, not illusion.

Here in these spaces of great reward are hidden vast stores of wisdom to be claimed, maybe not in the moment of happening, but in moments of reflection afterwards. It is then that we can truly experience the wholeness of who we are, in the context of who we are not, without the trauma of experience.

We are always sheltered from the storms of life, but in these rare moments of detachment, we are placed within a protective web of life where learning becomes far more important to our journey then the pain of experience.

So, when these types of experiences come to call and even though these times may be frightening and last on your list of things you wish to experience, open fully into the gift that is present and learn at the deepest level of yourself, just who you really are! These are life changing events that come to us by the grace of God, for it is always the desire of God, that we come home into fullness with Him. Place your trust there, and reach inward towards home.

Just loving you along,
Photo credit; wakingdream1

Friday, May 20, 2011

Health and Aging, OH MY!

Throughout the years we have all heard that, what we think, is what we are, right?" Well, it wasn't until recently did I really understand fully, what that statement truly meant. We are all so inundated by all the different "new thought" movements that after a while we don't really hear it any longer. It becomes so tiring to always be doing "this" or "that." Most of us just throw our hands up and refuse to move another inch. It almost seems impossible to meet all the criteria to what it will take to change our lives for the better.

What really hit home for me was a very simple idea that became a HUGE, aha moment for me. I mean I finally really GOT it, through I had heard it probably a hundred times. It begins with this simple statement; "What you think and feel, you become." The second thing to add to that statement is, "it has been scientifically proven that the cells in our bodies regenerate each and every day, and in approximately 7 years, every cell in our body has been 'reborn' or regenerated back to its original health." Humm.. So, I asked myself this question, "If my cells are being released and regenerated every day and I have a brand new cellular structure every 7 years or so, then why do I look ancient and feel even older that that?

 Of course! It all came rushing in. Our thoughts and feelings can re-create even our aging process! I mean, really think about this! Each day the old is being replaced with the new! If we are always focused on what is sagging and aching all the time, we are teaching those new cells that behavior! We are literally taking these new cells and telling them that they are OLD and UN-healthy! What if we began to really believe that we were getting younger every day (because physically we are) instead of older? It is a scientific fact isn't it? Hasn't it been PROVEN?

So, lets take our focus away from the aches and pains and place it on the joyous FACT that our "aches and pains" aka; old cells, are naturally being shucked off everyday! By doing this, I am sure that our new cells would regenerate at a quicker rate and health, youthfulness and well being would be the result! It can be no other way! It is cosmic law! Do you see? 

So, the next time you look in the mirror and see what your thoughts have created to date, just move your focus away from that and onto the new cells that are replacing the old ones and maybe one morning, we will wake and see a much younger version of ourselves, looking back at us in that same mirror!  

Mirror, mirror on the wall, you ARE the fairest of them all!
Just loving you along,

Friday, May 13, 2011

Fixing Our World

"Problems cannot be solved at the same level of thinking that created them."
Albert Einstein

Fixing my world was probably the most important thing I wished to do, when I really began to understand that my every thought and feeling was creating it. Gone where the days when I could look outside of myself, and blame another person or thing for the mess that my life had become. Going about changing it was my first priority. The hunt then began for everything I could read about, regarding the laws of the universe that govern our lives.

First came the, "fix your world by monitoring your thoughts." Oh, boy! That was a lot of work! I had more thoughts then I could keep up with and I soon found myself tired and frustrated. The thing was, I knew this was an important part of the puzzle, but not the whole puzzle.

Then came the, "visualize your life the way you wish it to be." That was a little easier for me, though I sure had to work on my visualization techniques. But all in all, my mind became a cartoon land, where I played with images of how I would like my world to look like. Still, this too was only a piece of the puzzle.

Adding to this, I began the rounds of mantra's. Over and over I would recite to myself exactly how my world was, not what it seemed. This too was just another layer, but only a piece of the puzzle.

So, there I was, doing the best I could to control my thoughts and to visualize my perfect world. Even though I found my life improving, it sure wasn't the world I was seeing in my mind. It wasn't until I really understood why I was here on earth that things began to make more sense to me.

We all came from paradise didn't we? So, why would we do such a thing? Why would we come to an imperfect world from a prefect one? Because, we are all here in this imperfect world in order to know our perfect self's!

Have you heard the phrase, "Earth is a school of learning"? The reason for that is because, this is a world of contrast. A world of polar opposites to be exact. Without one, the other could not exist! So, fixing our world would be likened to removing the text books out of grade school and expecting to graduate college. There would be no way of reaching our potential without a guideline to getting there.

It was in that moment that I quit trying to fix anything! I began to realize that in order to "fix" my world I had to allow my world to show me what I wasn't, without the need to "fix" it! The more I focused on my True Self, the more my world reflected to me, everything that I was NOT! Do you see?

I began to empower myself by KNOWING that I was NOT this, or that! It was in those moments that I could see clearly who I AM, because of the contrast. When my bank account said I was "poor," I knew I wasn't poor, I AM a child of God! As soon as I moved away from trying to fix it, I pulled my attention away from what I was not and onto what I AM, until doing this caused a tipping point in which, by universal law, my life had to begin reflecting to me who I really am! It is law!

So, the next time you see or experience something in your world, that does not reflect what you wish to see or experience, remember who you really are and fix it by, moving away from the reflection of what you are NOT, and focus instead on who you really are! Then step back and watch as your world changes to reflect who you really are, without you having to fix a thing.

As a side note, I firmly believe that as each one of us does this in our own life, we will begin a momentum that will tip the scales collectively. Then there will once again be, Heaven on Earth.

Just loving you along,