Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ease And Grace

Lately, something different has come into my awareness. It seems that a lot of the material being written today about how to achieve spiritual awareness, is being written in such a way that it would seem to someone just waking, to be overwhelming and never attainable! I even felt a sense of exhaustion just reading of all the different things, ways, stages and steps required. It was sounding impossible to reach which brought on a sense of futility inside of me and I have been on this path for years now. I kept thinking to myself, "Boy, if I was just now waking, I would feel totally overwhelmed by what I have been reading and never consider changing my life!"
Now, the information I have read is pack full of  truth, but seeing it through the sleepy eyes of those just now awakening, I can see them wanting to roll over and hit the snooze button! I have been on this road for a very long time and I just felt the need to write a little about the spiritual truths and how to apply them to life. First of all, understanding that the road to "enlightenment" is a road without any particular destination, is a great place to start. Our journey never ends, it just opens wider and wider.

What is needed today though is a way to change our current situations. In this case, knowing that the road has no particular destination let's us off the hook of having to get "somewhere," or to become "someone" and instead allows us to focus on the present where the change we seek the most is available.

Changing our thinking patterns, changes our life. Period. Changes that we can experience now, not some time down the road when we "get there." That isn't what we are in need of right now anyway. We wish to change things, NOW. So, focus on now. On each new day and that will take the overwhelm away.

Changing how we view our lives and ourselves, changes our life as well. We can do these things one day at a time. It is a process. Each time we catch ourselves being critical of ourselves or others, we can change that thought in that moment by understanding that we are just acting from old patterns, no more, no less. No need to "beat ourselves up" over it, just acknowledge it, change our thought to a positive one, and move on. It is that simple.

Pretty soon, the negative thoughts, actions and feelings diminish and more loving thoughts are our first thoughts and feelings. It gets easier with each passing day and our DNA is being cleared and recreated along with every new thought and feeling we allow ourselves to have without the self judgement attached. This is the fast track to "enlightenment" and there is no destination but the now moment.

Years ago it took a lot of effort to wade through the collective unconsciousness in order to make any real changes in our lives. Today, the collective consciousness has risen to such a degree that by stopping just one critical thought or feeling, can change our DNA, change our mind and change our life. No longer do we have to wade through the mud and the muck. The path is shinning bright for everyone and it simply takes the desire to make the change that will have the greatest effect in our lives.

So, when you are reading about all the things you have to do and all the stages you must go through in order to become "enlightened," just remember. What you think and feel today and than tomorrow, will have more impact in your life now, than any 12 step program, light body activations or book series that someone is telling you is necessary for you to reach utopia. Frankly, you are already there, you just have to let those parts of you that have been living in the darkness for so very long, remember this.

Just loving you along, one day at a time!
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  1. I was searching for a long time, but my actual "Awakening" only happened through the grace of a Siddha Yoga Master when I received Shaktipat and it was extremely dramatic. All my years of "tuning in," being "psychic" and "spiritual" had not prepared me for what I experienced with my Guru. It was literally out of this world and miraculous.

    She gives many teachings, tools, practices, etc., and this can give the impression of a laborious path, and yet, the journey itself is the miracle.

    It is an "experiential path" with dramatic experiences that sometimes take me to places that cause me not to want to come back to the "world." However, we are in this world. We 'are' this world and the only darkness is the ego that causes us to see it as separate from ourselves. In that I've discovered that the journey and the destination are one in the same...

    Great blog!

  2. All I can say to this is, yes. We don't have the past because it has gone and will never exist again. We don't have the future because it isn't ours just yet and we are lucky if we live to get to it, all we truly have is the present and what exists in it at that time.
    Very thought provoking and all so true, too. The journey is everything, not the destination. The destination is our death, why rush to get to it and miss all the miracles on the way.
    Another lovely post from you.