Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Many We's of Me

Picture Credit; Walt Disney

We have all heard the story of "Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs" as we were growing up. This story like many others were classified as "fairy tales" yet underneath the story, there lies a hidden truth. This one for me, held a metaphor for what I was experiencing on my personal journey.

As I walked the path of unification, there were times when I found myself becoming this image of Snow White with her 7 dwarfs. I began to understand that everyone I met was showing me a part of myself that was mostly unconscious. It was really an eye opener to truly understand that there were so many different aspects of myself buried deep within me and that they made up my physical experience. They were attracting all the people and experiences in my life, right along with the conscious parts of myself.

If we look at the story of Snow White we could see how these tiny little men may have been reflecting different aspects of her. We have the persona of, Doc, Sleepy, Happy, Sneeze, Dopey, Bashful, and Grumpy. In my own life I can attest to the fact that I have been the healer in many ways. (doc) I have been asleep at the wheel of my life at times. (sleepy) Happiness has become a part of life like never before. (happy) Not always have I made the best choices. (dopey) I have been uncomfortable about getting my work "out there." (bashful) and most of all, those moments and sometimes days, of being just plain ol grumpy! (grumpy)

What was startling to realize though was that when I was being Bashful, Grumpy was there the whole time sending out grumpy energy about being bashful! When I was joyful and happy, dopey was still steering my life and making some really crazy choices. Underneath the conscious, the unconscious persona's were there as well, creating my life right along with the conscious parts.

It was when I really realized that I had all these different we's within me, that I began to welcome them all into my waking life. I saw them for who and what they were. I began understanding that when I ran into someone that treated me badly, somewhere along the way I had forgotten about Grumpy and Grumpy was sending out grumpy energy, attracting to me grumpy people and situations. Knowing that, I was able not only to forgive this person for their ill treatment, but I was able to lovingly see them as this tiny little dwarf tugging on my skirt, looking for my attention.

Being conscious is no easy task. Being unconscious has been a way of life for a very long time and it is not easy to change our mode of operation without understanding first how we are made up and how we create our lives. Just knowing is one thing, experiencing it and truly understanding it, is yet another. Every single person is showing us ourselves in perfect clarity.

Embrace the 7 dwarfs that lie within. Like with Snow White, they will take care of you. They will save you from the death of unconsciousness. They will serve you in ways that will surprise you and soon that sacred marriage that ends this fairy tale, will be the beginning of your own sacred marriage. It isn't about the conscious or the unconscious, it is about the acceptance and the integration of the two.

Just loving you along,

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Final Appreciation

As we progress on our spiritual paths, we all come to understand that gratitude is a huge part of shifting our energy from being the "victim," to being the creators of our lives. We have learned all the fundamental "rules," learned how to heal our wounds and to forgive. We have even learned to hear our inner guidance and to trust and follow it. In all of this we have found relief. But, there is still this hunger, this drive, this need to move forward and to live the life we have learned is possible. Yet still we may find our forward movement blocked or clouded in some way. So, we wonder at times, what gives?

We all have those time of worry and in those times I would have a few phrases stored away that I would begin thinking about, in order to shift the worry into confidence that all was well.  I would instantly begin to say something to myself like, "I am the Master of my physical reality." Over and over, I would repeated that phrase.

One time it wasn't until I was startled out of my ravine that I notice that the phrase I had been thinking over and over, had changed. Instead of the phrase, "I am the Master of my physical reality." I heard myself thinking, "I am GRATEFUL for my physical reality!" Wow, that had me stopping in my tracks in one of those "aha" moments. As I contemplated this I heard a soft whisper that said, "The Final Appreciation." Of course!

Lately we have all been in this place of "rubber meets the road." We have been dealing with everything in our lives that need to change. We have had to deal with things that have laid hidden and that have now come to light. Our relationships seem to be coming and than going. Our bank accounts fluctuate and we just don't know what to expect with each passing day. Nothing is stationary any longer and we wait with baited breath to see what is next. 

A while back I wrote a post called, "Fixing Our World." In this post I wrote that the only way to fix our lives, is to accept our lives the way they are without the need to fix them. It is in the need to fix them that we slip out of the gratitude of having a life, however they seem to be appearing to us at the moment.

We are all weary in this time of change but we know that the change is something we all have longed for, for a very long time.  We have been in this to win this, not sitting on the sidelines and our entire focus and our driving force has been to....get there!

Though the higher parts of us understand the course we set up for ourselves, there is still that hidden part of us, deep inside, that has been racing towards a, "finish line." There are times we just wish to be "finished," to be living and doing what we have worked hard towards.

So, the last appreciation that is up for consideration is, to consider that maybe it has been a LACK of appreciation, that hidden part of us feels, that has been pushing so hard for the manifestation of our dreams. And the truth of the matter is, that until that deep hidden part of us can really appreciate our physical lives, just the way they are, we can not allow the debris to be removed to make room for the manifestation of the new.

So, as the decks are cleared of our old lives our appreciation for the debris that is being swept away will create the space in which all the new will be put into place. And a shining new surface will appear and in its reflective surface we will finally see, that all we have worked towards is clearly seen.

Just loving you along,
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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Honoring Our Fear

Lately the issue of fear has been really center stage, so I thought I would take another look at fear and how it plays a part in our lives. The first thing that comes to mind about fear is that each and every one of us would rather run naked down a busy street, than to feel that horrible feeling associated with fear. Fear is the harshest feeling we can have, as pure beings of love and light. Fear is foreign to us because it was not created by God, and so it is the worst feeling we can have because of this.

What I have learned is, that we dislike the feeling of fear so much that we will do anything we can, not to feel it. Crush it, swallow it, run from it, avoid anything that would bring this feeling up and kill it if we could. These are all thing we do to avoid the fear and it is the very thing that keeps us locked up as prisoners within our lives.

The thing is, by doing all these things we are not addressing the one thing that can set us free. When we first fell from grace and into this realm of duality, fear was more like a tool in our tool box that came with living in a realm of polarity. We did not need a tool box when we were in the realms of oneness, which is why fear is so foreign to our very souls and why it hurts so much. But as we found ourselves here we needed a way in order to navigate this realm and so the tool box began to fill.

We created tools like hunger which prompted us to eat. Tiredness, to sleep. Fear, to keep us safe, etc. We had an array of tools in our tool box and they were crucial to our survival but they were at this time, just tools. It wasn't until the tool of fear began to be used more than the other tools that it took on a life of its own and jumped out of our tool boxes and into an individual entity that stock's our every move.

So, with that understanding we can see that fear is no longer a tool but a force we must reckon with. No longer can we allow this "beast" to run our lives and steal our joy. It wasn't created for that purpose but it was created and we can not destroy it, but we can tame it right into a tool that it was meant to be in the first place.

What I have found best to do when fear appears, is to acknowledge it. Why you may ask? Because it is a part of you. A HUGE part of you. It is the part of you that has run amok and it is seeking it's way home to you. So, as we acknowledge it, it looses its intensity a bit because it has our attention. As we have our attention on the fear we are than in a position to honor it. "Yes, I am AFRAID." "Yes, I would rather not do this." "Yes, as I stand here in this fear it really hurts." We can not destroy it, but we can change it into courage.  The courage to feel the fear and do it anyway! By doing this, fear than begins to serve US!

As we feel the fear and do it anyway, we become stronger each time fear shows up in our lives. Than there will come a time when fear will come to visit, and you will offer it a cup of tea. Than you will get on with what it is that you need to do. In the end, when you host a tea party, fear will not be in attendance because fear has become courage and courage will be one of the most used tools in your tool box.

Here's to fear! (raises tea cup)

Just loving you along,
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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I Did It My Way

I dedicate this to all those who have paved the way out of the darkness and into the LIGHT.....Thank You!

Music by: Andre Ruie and the Johann Strauss Orchestra

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Eternally Yours

Long ago I wrote this poem while I was moving through an intense period of digging deep within myself, searching for all the lost pieces in order to fully integrate the lost and hidden aspects we try so hard to hide.

Just loving you along,
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Eternally Yours

From across the sea she calls to thee,
arms outstretched, beckoning.
Come taste the sweet delight,
for she promises much, within her Light.

Her touch is ecstasy,
something that was unforeseen.
Lying now in tangle webs he weeps,
straining against the binds that he cannot see.

To get to her, is all he needs,
turning and twisting,
raging to be free.
Held captive by her ecstasies.

He bargain with all he owns,
giving up totally all he has sown.
To feel her lips so gentle and sweet,
the nectar of paradise, he struggle to keep.

She comes to him as the dawn breaks the sky,
to hold him close while he cries.
Her healing touch is all that matters,
her body, her lips, her beautiful laughter.

They dance to the rhythm of their love.
An ancient ritual given from up above.
Until they are spent and languish,
within the arms of ancient magic.

She rises to ascend, their time at an end,
for heaven awaits, the one that was sent.
She brushes his cheek with her lips full of love,
he reaches for the angel, sent to him from above.

Gone she is, he falls to the ground,
sorrow and weeping, his only sound.
Together they shall always be,
for true love lives, eternally.