Sunday, July 31, 2011

Redefining The Word, Exercise.

Long ago, when I took a giant step onto a fast moving spiritual path, I was told clearly that what was needed at this point of my journey was, exercise. I was sitting in a class of about 20 people and everyone in the room expelled a groan at the very thought of this. As the moans raced through the room, we all held onto our seats thinking that, "maybe this spiritual fast track really isn't for me after all!"

The simple word, "exercise" brings up all the old theme's and visions of what exercise meant to us as children. What was interesting to me was how my initial reaction to this statement actually jolted me too! I have been athletic all my life and exercise most every day, so exercise was not anything new but it was the WORD, "exercise' that sent off warning bells within me, not the actual activity.

We all have a vision of what the word exercise means to us, but we are basing this knowledge on our experiences in the old energy and from the old paradigm. So, lets take a new look at the word from a light filled perspective and from the new paradigm of Light.

Before when we were living in a much denser world, our body's required a lot of movement such as running, jogging and hiking. Or, playing heavy sports like; football, basketball, volley ball, etc. Then there was the gym, where there was an assortment of cardio machines and weights we could lift in order to stay slim and trim.

In today's more light filled world that level of exercise is not necessary to keep our bodies fit. In fact, less is more these day, but even with that said, we have to move our bodies and keep our energy moving. That doesn't take a lot of effort just the choice to get up and do it!

Walking is a perfect way to get out doors and to move our energy. There are a few ways that walking helps our spiritual growth, here are just two of them. The first is, while we are moving our bodies all the stuck energy from all the internal processing begins to move. The second is, as we are walking we are expanding our breathing and deep breathing is our connection to life. How could we not feel better?

Stretching is another good form of exercise that doesn't take a lot of effort, but the pay off is just as great. As we stretch we again are moving the stuck energy in our bodies. Those stuck energies is what causes disease, depression, anger, etc. The list is endless! We are processing in huge ways these day and as we do, the energies have to have an outlet in order for us to bring in more light. Since we are now carrying a lot more light in our bodies the heavy forms of exercise is not necessary, but movement is critical!

Have you ever gotten out of bed in the morning and had a hard time moving your joints? Now, I am not talking about the old aches and pains we have as we get older. I am talking about the joints like, your finger joints, your elbows, how about in the hip area? These are all signs of stuck energy that has not yet been moved out of your body, after a heavy night of processing.

When we are processing, we are digging deep within the cellular structure and pulling out issues that can go back as far as 7 generations! Think about that! 7 generations! This is DNA/RNA clearing and this "stuff" must be moved out of the body in a timely manner, especially these days when we are evolving at the speed of light!

So, why not take a walk around the block? While you are out there you may find that you have always wanted to explore that grassy vale around the corner. Or how about going to the mall? How fun is it to walk around the mall and people watch? Exercise does not have to be a team sport, a trip to the gym, or even a jog through the nearest park. Though all of those things are great, the simple things like walking and stretching can completely change how you feel. It can bring you instant joy and quicken your ability to anchor more light into your body. It is with more light that we are better able to create that dream life we hold in our hearts and see in our minds!

Happy trails...

Just loving you along,
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