Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Bright Light Of Scrutiny

Since all of this new energy has arrived and our new upgraded energy bodies are finding their new balance, I can see just how this energy is going to go about it's work.

Picture if you will, the spot light that is brought in and set up for a grand opening, or before a super sale at a store or mall in your local neighborhood. This huge spot light when lit, reaches up to the sky in bold rays of light, heralding a great event.

That great event however, is YOU. This light has been sent here for you, by you, in order to blaze through the last remaining goo that has been glued to the bow of our ships like barnacles. It is the intense light of scrutiny. Seeing into every crack and crevices of our being and there is absolutely nowhere to hide!

This light is laser thin and it cuts deep, in order to really see and fully understand all the "what, where's and how's of our past. In doing so, it is sure to exit now so that as we can prepare to step into the "new," where the old will not follow. What would be the point of creating something completely new, from old outmoded patterns? It all has to go and in order for it to go, we must UNDERSTAND at the deepest levels of ourselves, how it got stuck onto the bottom of our boats to begin with!

This spot light is demanding, change. Period. No, "ands, ifs, or buts, about it! Change and change, now.

The pressure this can cause can be really intense, if one is being blinded by the light by many different things, all at once. What can help is, to calmly acknowledge the issue, like you would a troublesome child. Reassure it that as soon as you are able, you will give it your full attention and then set about to find the answers. Ignoring it, like any child, will only cause it to push you harder. The answers are there, the spot light that is YOU, is shining the light bright enough to see them now!

The frustration that we can feel during this process can only add more weight to the problems. As hard as it may be to do, staying calm and in the moment maybe the only thing that can allow the spot light that is currently blinding us, to rotate past us, until of course, it comes back around again! And it will, but when it does we can see it coming and with calm certainty make the changes required.

Things defiantly need to change in our lives but it doesn't mean we have to drown under the weight of it all. Step, by calm centered step, is the productive way to go. These issues are not new to us, they are just a lot more insistent and we are far more able to SEE them now, with the clear leans of scrutiny, that will allow us to really understand it all.

Courage is the by-word and what is most needed now to make the necessary changes. We each have an entourage of angels, guides, and Masters here beside us, just waiting to jump in and help. But we must first have the courage to choose to make the changes and then to ask for their help!

Planet earth is the home of angels. It is the most diverse planet in our solar system and beyond. We came here in order to learn how to co-create with our God parents, the joy's of physical life and that is what we are doing! We are making room now for what is here, hovering  just out of our reach.

And in the end, (beginning) we will look back on all of this with tears of joy in our eyes and we will see that all these changes that we thought we could never make, were worth it. The ride of a life time is coming around its final bend and wow, what a ride it has been!

Just loving you along,
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  1. This is so awesome! I know this because it's what I've been studying now for three years. Sometimes I forget and I need that reminder. Thanks for reminding me.

  2. This is so beautiful and I can feel the changes too. At present, I've been feeling a bit agitated over the past couple of days though even if I've had some spurts of fire, it has been alleviated quickly which is interesting to me. I've had to make some decisions and some realizations just recently that are also bringing up more...

    Great blog!

  3. Kathleen,
    I have started the "ride of lifetime" and it is amazing. Thanks for such a wonderful article and all the fabulous information you give to all of us!