Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Bench

I will never forget the time when I first moved to Mt. Shasta. Like every place I have ever lived, one of the first things I did was to take a long walk around to see the area and to find a place of refuge that I could enjoy.

I came upon a place that was full of life that just seemed to draw me in. There in the middle of this place was a spot where 6 trees, 3 on each side forming a circle, stood together. It just looked magical to me, how these trees seem to be in this spot together. Under these trees was a piece of a large tree branch that was big enough to sit on, yet was so low to the ground that it was hard to sit on it comfortably in order to fully relax and just BE.

That did not stop me from sitting there and I would walk to this place all the time and just sit and connect with nature. One day I had a thought to myself as I was working out the kinks in my legs, "It sure would be nice to have a park bench right there under those trees. Yep, if I could, I would place one there. "

I walked all the way home thinking how great it would be to be able to sit there in that beautiful place, in far more comfort then how I have been. I thought that maybe I could start sitting on the ground and I made a note to myself to next time bring something to sit on . Something that would fit in my pocket so I wouldn't have to carry it, since this place was a ways from home.

The next time I headed there on a walk, I got almost to my spot and realized I had forgotten to bring something to sit on. I thought to myself, "well I will just create something! I know I can, so when I get there, there will be something for me to sit on." Thinking of course of a piece of cardboard or something. So, as I walked I began to really look around me, hunting for a scrap of anything that I could use. 

As I approached my spot and nothing to sit on was to be seen, I just sighed and said, "next time, remember to bring something!" I came around the final bend of the path and looked up. In a jaw dropping moment of disbelief, there under those trees just how I had envisioned it, was a park bench! I kid you not!

I stopped dead in my tracks, jaw hanging open in total disbelief! I thought I was seeing things, truly! My heart was beating out of my chest and it wasn't from the long walk.

I approached the bench as if it was going to disappear. I stopped in front of it and leaned down and touched it. It was made of this beautiful wood and it was chained to the trunk of one of the trees. I walked around the trees, looking here and there almost waiting for someone to jump out and scream, surprise! I gingerly sat down to test the reality of it and I was totally blown away when it didn't dissolve from under me!

Everything I had learned about life, changed in that one moment. Everything! I realized that I live in a safe, loving and supportive universe even if I didn't know this. I realized that I was loved and cared for by far more then I could ever comprehend.  My entire life changed that day and every time I walk to this place and sit on that bench I glory in creation. I glory in the basic fact that we are not alone and we are loved beyond our knowing.

Now, I know you must be thinking, how DID that bench get there. I am sure I am not the only one that found that place to be a wonderful place to visit. I have seen evidence of others being there and someone else had the same idea I did, but was in a position to truck one there and chain it up. 

For me, it isn't the how so much but the timing of it all! That bench could have shown up there at any time, but the universe choose to deliver it to me when I had asked for it. When I had finally had the confidence to KNOW that there would be something there for me to sit on that day! Now, how brilliant is that?

Just loving you along, 
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  1. I love this story, Kathleen!
    I think one of the keys is that you declared it (in a joyful spirit) and let it go. You didn't worry about it or think about how you could make it happen.
    Yes, we ARE loved AND supported!

  2. How perfect! It is very true that life takes care of us--even when we don't see it that way! LOL!

    Lovely blog!

  3. Wow, that is so cool! It is like you wished a place to sit and enjoy this idealistic spot and the next thing you know a bench appears. Lovely blog!!


  4. This is an awesome read! I'm sorry I did not get around to this sooner. Been busy. I think what you wrote is very true. I was just thinking the same thing about something else. I hope to blog about it later on.

  5. Hi Kathleen,

    A wonderful story and a beautiful blog page!
    It reminded me of one time in my life, when my girlfriend and me were walking in the mountains in Switzerland and we were tired. Suddenly we saw a bench which had JUST been placed there, because we saw the work men working nearby at placing another one. So she and I were the first souls to enjoy this fresh bench. The wood was new and smelled really nice and we were so happy to sit on it first!
    Like this, Life is filled with so many little miracles....

    Love to you all,