Saturday, February 19, 2011

A New World is Dawning

This blog is for the sharing of my spiritual experiences in hopes that in the telling of it, it may benefit others. I came across this video and after watching this, I knew the importance of getting this out to all who would be willing to watch it. In a simple, no fan fare way, this young women speaks from the heart of the universe, a message of such profound meaning, that I just had to take the few minutes to place it here.

Our world as we know it is changing and it is time we all took an active part in changing it into the direction we wish it to go.

So, I give this to you in the same humble way that the message was  given in this recording. Please spread it far and wide.

I hope that it will touch you in the same profound way that it did me.

Just loving you along,

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Truth and Freedom

The word "freedom" according to Webster's dictionary is: a being free; esp., a) independence. b) civil or political liberty. c) exemption from an obligation, discomfort, etc. d) a being able to act, use, etc. freely. e) ease of movement. f) frankness. 2. a right or privilege. 

As I was reading these definitions, I began to see how all of these factors could be attripituted to the people of Egypt. By removing a dictator that has ruled from a position of supreme power, they have given themselves the following; independence, civil and political liberty, exemption from the obligation of powerlessness and huge discomfort. Also, the Egyptian people were pretty frank in their demands. For their right and their privilege, to rise up in order to regain their dignity as a human being and a beloved child of God. All of this completely demonstrated to the world, the true meaning of the word freedom in its most fundamental form.

Though Egypt is in no way clear of their troubles, each of us has witnessed an event that has and will continue to change our reality as we currently know it. Freedom in its truest sense is sweeping the globe and the Middle East is only the beginning! As we move forward there will be many more who will take the courage displayed there and raise up and demand, freedom, liberty and justice.

It is not just our constitutional right to have these things, it is our GOD given right to have these things! These are not man made, these are GOD made! That is what our founding fathers where creating under the love and guidance of higher spiritual forces as well as their own soul guided advise.

Human rights have no boundaries, or countries that define there right to operate in our lives. These are human rights. In fact, these are HOLY rights given to every living thing in creation. Universal laws stepped down into human rights! It is all the same and it was given to each and every one of us as we stood at the entrance of birth.

It was human error that took them away from us. Human perversion of all that is holy and sanctioned by God and it is now time to reclaim what is rightfully ours. Each of us were given these gifts from the beginning and now, finally, they will be restored to us.

So, as we stand at the precipice of great change and we become unsure of what to do, think or feel, KNOW you are a beloved child of God and you are being called home! Trust that the hand of God cradles you and is gently leading you there. No-thing can stop that from happening for it has been decreed and set into motion. You are safe and you are beloved!

Just loving you along,

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Our Collective Agreement

As the old year of 2010 melted into the New Year of 2011, all was calm. It seemed as if the universe was holding its collective breath, yet the reason why was not yet known to the human collective. In fact, I would guess that most of us spent the last few days of 2010 really, really glad to be waving goodbye to the old year as it fell behind us. Thank goodness that year was over!

Never in our collective imagination did we believe what the first few days of the New Year would bring. News coming from all directions about thousands of  dead birds falling from the sky, hundreds of fish swimming belly up, hurricane force winds, ice covered cities in mountains of snow, flood waters recreating whole landscapes while leveling homes and tossing cars like Tonka toys. It would seem that Mother Earth had been busy in her transformation process, while we took a breather from all the transforming we had completed in the passing year.

What I continue to remind myself is that "As I am lifted up, ALL life is lifted up with me," hence the Earth as well. She too is evolving right along with us. In fact, she has taken it upon herself to evolve at a pace that we, her beloved children, can evolve with her. She could and has completed her evolutionary transformation in a "blink of an eye," but instead asked a question to each and every soul that is, or has, belonged to the evolution of earth a simple question.

It was in the early 80's that a question was brought to each and every one of us, in and out of embodiment, while we slept. There was a meeting of sorts. A calling that went out to each of us and in our sleep we responded. We all gathered together is a huge hall of beauty in the inner realms and each of us, one by one, was asked a simple question. "Are you willing to do what it takes to change the conditions of your own life, the life of your fellow human and the life of your home, Mother Earth?" We were all asked this question. One of the most important question every asked of us.

After the question was asked to each of us, the Spiritual Hierarchy of this planet, along with Mother Earth, waited patiently for each one of our replies. There was no hurry, for the answer had to come from a place of Free Will. It had to come from each of us as we saw collectively what had to be done in order to complete what we were being asked to do.

We each reviewed our birth contracts. All that we had set out to accomplish in this life time. What we had planned vs what we had so far accomplished and most importantly, what was still left to be done. All of this was considered before each of us answered this life changing question.

As the answers came back, one by one, they were recorded in the Book of Life. The results were not calculated until everyone of us gave our answers. Then the collective answers were reviewed, in order to make the decision whether the Spiritual Hierarchy would go forth and ask for a special dispensation from our Father/Mother God, or allow the universal laws of cause and effect to play out unhindered.

The results were calculated and recorded. Each of us had given our answer. The verdict was in. "Will the children of Earth take on the mantle of transformation or will the children of earth continue forward on its present course?"

As the results were read, silence fell upon all. A silence so deep and penetrating that all of creation stopped in that moment to hear. When the answer was revealed the only sound that could be heard was the soft sobbing of all in attendance. For the answer that we, as the human collective of this planet gave, was one simple word. Not the "yes" we will or "no" we will not. Just one simple word rang out into the halls of creation and that one word was; "LOVE." We choose Love.

Each and every one of us chose love and it is love that is going to take this planet and all her life to our collective place in the universe. The place that has been empty and waiting for us to wake up, heal and come home.

So, as we witness the collective healing process we must all remember one thing. Together we stood, shoulder to shoulder in that light filled chamber and together we agreed that we would all, knowing or unknowing, love this planet and all her life home again. For that is what we do and love is what we are. Love, loving our way back home.

My prayers daily are for each and every one of us. I pray for the peace that will pass all understanding. I especially pray for all those who are experiencing the hardship of these times and I hold steady the love that is needed to fulfill our collective agreement. In times of need, know I AM there.

A few encouraging words as I gently love you along.