Sunday, April 17, 2011

Changing Directions

In these times of accelerating change, I find it fascinating how quick our path can veer in a direction so different then where we were currently heading, or from what was expected.

In one moment, we are racing down the highway and the next we are parked in a parking lot, bewildered and shaken, from the instant change of direction. There is no mistaking the fact, that some thing bigger then us is steering our lives.

This is our higher intelligence at work. Though it would seem that we operate on earth alone and some times fearfully, the higher parts of us are here as well, helping us move quickly along our chosen paths.

Since the early 90's our guidance systems, (ie; higher intelligence)  has been coming closer and closer, to our physical earth bound self's. It was at that time that the gates of heaven open fully, in order to propel us forward toward the ascending path and away from the path of self destruction. It was a critical time for us all, as we were preparing to cross the 2000 year mark.

Before that time, most of our higher intelligences was connected to us through a thin silver cord and it was difficult to reach our conscious self's, because it had to reach us through layers and layers of negativity and conditioning. That was then, but in-between that time and now, we have made huge evolutionary leaps forward and because of that, our higher intelligence is closer to us then in any other time, since our fall from grace.

Now, it is involved in our lives like never before. We are heading towards complete integration and with that privilege comes, not only responsibility, but great acceleration with our learning process.

What I have found interesting lately, is that the situations in life come quickly and leave quickly. It doesn't take weeks or months to have an issue, face it and then rectify it. It comes in quickly and moves out quickly, unless of course, we drag our feet or avoid what is happening. If we confront what is in front of us in a clear and precise manner, the issue moves quickly into resolution. That is because our higher intelligence is the puppeteer of our show and it is here, in order to move us along.

So, when you find your self baffled, because you were headed down one road only to find yourself, stopped, searched, re-routed and some times even asked to park, no worries. Your higher intelligence is steering your car and there is nothing to fear. The amount of life we are living in one day, is currently equaling, a month worth of living. Relax when this happens and let someone else do the driving.

Just loving you along,

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