Tuesday, June 28, 2011

All Hands On Deck

This is a guest blog I wrote for "On The Journey" blogspot.

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Recently I had a vision of a ship while contemplating the spiritual process that is in full swing on earth now. I found it intriguing that I was shown a huge ship as a description to what I had been thinking. It became clear when I just allowed the vision to tell me what it wanted me to know.

Unity was already a reality here on earth, not something that will be created. It already is. Then a few days later I was asked to write a guest blog about unity and my thoughts on how I felt it could be anchored here on earth. In a flash, the picture of that huge ship came to mind and I knew that this was what I had been preparing to do.

The ship in my minds eye was a large ship, one likened to the ships of old. Where the ship itself was large bellied with tall masts and many oars for manual rowing. It was a ship that Columbus would feel at home on. I remember thinking that this ship had a large crew and within this crew everyone had their perfect place according to their abilities.

The strong were the rowers when the wind was low. The navigators where the ones who knew the stars and could best plot the course. Then there is the cook, the medical team, the lines men, those that hoist the sails, etc. Everyone had their perfect job which they were good at. This was critical for the voyage to be a successful one and for the ship to reach it's destination.

Planet earth right now is no different. Whether we know it or not, we are all in our perfect place. We are awakening in our own perfect time, in order to keep balance and harmony on this ship as earth heads towards her destination. If we were all to awaken at once, the ship would sink. If half awakened, the ship would flounder and be off balanced. If only a few awakened, we wouldn't go anywhere, just stand still.
Those wide awake are not "better" than those sound asleep. We all chose before birth where our own expertise would best serve the entire ship, to keep it balanced and afloat during our rocky and sometimes daunting voyage. We all chose when we would awaken and we all have our perfect place until we do. We are the crew in perfect harmony, in perfect unity already!

Instead of working to anchor something already real, would it not be better for us to realize and recognize that in perfect unity, we are sailing this ship into port, and the ones who sleep on the journey will be the ones who will awaken in time to best serve our arrival?

They will be the ones who will awaken just in time to see the New World come into view and it will be their job to then unload our ship and begin building the New World. And, I for one am really grateful for that, because after such a long journey, I think I will go for a swim! Unity is now and we are already united!

Just loving you along,

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