Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Many We's of Me

Picture Credit; Walt Disney

We have all heard the story of "Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs" as we were growing up. This story like many others were classified as "fairy tales" yet underneath the story, there lies a hidden truth. This one for me, held a metaphor for what I was experiencing on my personal journey.

As I walked the path of unification, there were times when I found myself becoming this image of Snow White with her 7 dwarfs. I began to understand that everyone I met was showing me a part of myself that was mostly unconscious. It was really an eye opener to truly understand that there were so many different aspects of myself buried deep within me and that they made up my physical experience. They were attracting all the people and experiences in my life, right along with the conscious parts of myself.

If we look at the story of Snow White we could see how these tiny little men may have been reflecting different aspects of her. We have the persona of, Doc, Sleepy, Happy, Sneeze, Dopey, Bashful, and Grumpy. In my own life I can attest to the fact that I have been the healer in many ways. (doc) I have been asleep at the wheel of my life at times. (sleepy) Happiness has become a part of life like never before. (happy) Not always have I made the best choices. (dopey) I have been uncomfortable about getting my work "out there." (bashful) and most of all, those moments and sometimes days, of being just plain ol grumpy! (grumpy)

What was startling to realize though was that when I was being Bashful, Grumpy was there the whole time sending out grumpy energy about being bashful! When I was joyful and happy, dopey was still steering my life and making some really crazy choices. Underneath the conscious, the unconscious persona's were there as well, creating my life right along with the conscious parts.

It was when I really realized that I had all these different we's within me, that I began to welcome them all into my waking life. I saw them for who and what they were. I began understanding that when I ran into someone that treated me badly, somewhere along the way I had forgotten about Grumpy and Grumpy was sending out grumpy energy, attracting to me grumpy people and situations. Knowing that, I was able not only to forgive this person for their ill treatment, but I was able to lovingly see them as this tiny little dwarf tugging on my skirt, looking for my attention.

Being conscious is no easy task. Being unconscious has been a way of life for a very long time and it is not easy to change our mode of operation without understanding first how we are made up and how we create our lives. Just knowing is one thing, experiencing it and truly understanding it, is yet another. Every single person is showing us ourselves in perfect clarity.

Embrace the 7 dwarfs that lie within. Like with Snow White, they will take care of you. They will save you from the death of unconsciousness. They will serve you in ways that will surprise you and soon that sacred marriage that ends this fairy tale, will be the beginning of your own sacred marriage. It isn't about the conscious or the unconscious, it is about the acceptance and the integration of the two.

Just loving you along,

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  1. Difficult sometimes to remember this but not at all impossible. Another lovely post from you!