Sunday, February 26, 2012

Defining Mastery

As we move forward in the day's ahead, it has been made clear to me that the need for a re-look at what Mastery really means's, is up for review.

The word in itself brings all levels of perceptions to our minds. The need to be "perfect" comes to mind. One who achieves mastery in art, let's say, is one we all aspire to be like. We study their techniques, their color selection, their brush strokes in order to take what they have "mastered" and apply it to what we our selves would like to accomplish. This could go for any endeavor in life.

In the life of spirit, Mastery is said to be the ultimate achievement that we can achieve at this time, tho there are many, many more levels above this. But for the now, it is what every person on the spiritual path is working to achieve.

For me, through the years, I have always felt that when my life is one of glorious design, free from strife, free from worry, etc, it will be than, that I have reached Mastery and life as I have known it in this realm of polarity, would be one of, great joy, and great love. I felt this way because I thought that as a Master, I would be able to create only the things that I wish to experience and none of the the things I would not. Reaching Mastery, I would have learned how to manifest only these things and until only these things where visible in my life, than I still had not achieved the Mastery I so desire.

It has taken me years to realize the other face to Mastery. It took me realizing that I was learning to Master this realm of duality and not making a journey to reach a place of Mastery. So, it would seem that the idea that I had that my life would become ideal when I had finally reached Mastery, was a bit naive, to say the least.

What I have found however, is that the other face of Mastery is that of balance, love and forgiveness. I know that sounds a tad strange when we are talking about reaching the current ultimate goal. But it was when I realized that my Mastery was in my day to day life, walking through every conflict, every upheaval, every "ugly" thing that I had created before me, it was than that I realized that Mastery isn't getting to some magical place where life is "perfect," it was in walking strong and aware through every single day of my life and making the conscience choices that would benefit not only myself, but all conditions surrounding me.

This is Mastery. This is what we are all striving towards. Being the conscious CHOOSER in our lives, which means, the conscious CREATOR in our lives, within what our lives are showing us in this moment, in this place and most importantly, in this realm of duality.

True Mastery comes when we can walk though fire, centered, calm, completely aware, and knowing that this walk was the path that created the Master that will come forth in the realm's of oneness, where all life will already be in its perfection. Now how cool is THAT? :)

Just loving you along,
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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Kind Sight

We have all had those moments in life where we looked back on an experience and wished with all our hearts that we had done something different. "Hindsight is 20/20" they say, but is it really?

Hindsight is when we look back and see the experience from a broader view, a different perspective or from a place of greater wisdom. We have already walked through the experience, so we have learned a lot more since that time we were experiencing it. So, from this vantage point it seems that we can see every little detail with 20/20 vision and things that were hidden from sight before, are now glaringly clear.

When this happens, regret comes streaming in as we level our dissatisfaction onto ourselves about how we could have changed things, or more importantly, how we could have avoided the entire situation from the beginning. We wonder at ourselves and how in the world we got ourselves into such a situation and self loathing is the result.

The thing is, every situation we attract into our lives is there for a reason. Most importantly, there is absolutely no reason to berate, loath, criticize, chastise, or harshly judge ourselves for any reason. No matter the result to any situation, we are in a place of learning and we should no more be hard on ourselves than we would a baby learning to crawl for the first time! Truly, would you punish a baby for falling when they first attempt to walk? Of course not!

We too are learning with each and every experience we have. If we weren't we would not have had the experience! There is no "right" or "wrong" here, just learning and all learning is beneficial no matter how it may appear to be other wise.

One thing I try to remember when I have one of those "anytime moments" of learning is, that I am a multidimensional being having a multidimensional experience. What I mean by that is, that there is FAR more going on than what meets the eye. There are multi levels involved in each situation, not only with myself, but others that are involved as well. Think about that a minute. You and they, here and now, with you and they multi levels, there and now! How can we really know what is taking place when so many levels of ourselves are dancing the same dance but at different levels! It is simple, we can't.

Something else to consider is that the entire situation may have nothing to do with you. Maybe, you are there to help another. Maybe you were invited into the situation in order to show a different way, or different perspective. To teach by example. There are far too many factors at play for us to place blame onto ourselves or onto others, for that matter.

We are all here, at this time in human history to work through old outdated patterns, past relationships, and personal soul history. How than can we cast blame on ourselves for any reason? It is self care, self love and self understanding that is needed most. We are walking through fire, in order to cross the bridge to a better way of life, not only for ourselves but for every living thing on Earth.

Would it surprise you to know that the entire universe is sitting at the edge of their collective seats in AWE of us! That's right, in AWE! We are the ones that came here to this level of experience to do the unthinkable! To chart the path out of bondage and into freedom for this beloved planet and all her live. We, who feel at times no bigger than the smallest grain of sand are the ones who are making the biggest difference in the world with each and every experience we have.

We are worthy of far more than what we would give to ourselves and I for one, think it is high time that we realize, that what we are doing in each experience we have, is far greater than we will ever know and what we do for ourselves, our children, our planet and each other, is done from the highest place of love this universe has ever seen.

So, the next time you look back and wonder what the heck was I thinking, remember, it is not what you were thinking, it is how much you were loving!

Just loving you along,
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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ease And Grace

Lately, something different has come into my awareness. It seems that a lot of the material being written today about how to achieve spiritual awareness, is being written in such a way that it would seem to someone just waking, to be overwhelming and never attainable! I even felt a sense of exhaustion just reading of all the different things, ways, stages and steps required. It was sounding impossible to reach which brought on a sense of futility inside of me and I have been on this path for years now. I kept thinking to myself, "Boy, if I was just now waking, I would feel totally overwhelmed by what I have been reading and never consider changing my life!"
Now, the information I have read is pack full of  truth, but seeing it through the sleepy eyes of those just now awakening, I can see them wanting to roll over and hit the snooze button! I have been on this road for a very long time and I just felt the need to write a little about the spiritual truths and how to apply them to life. First of all, understanding that the road to "enlightenment" is a road without any particular destination, is a great place to start. Our journey never ends, it just opens wider and wider.

What is needed today though is a way to change our current situations. In this case, knowing that the road has no particular destination let's us off the hook of having to get "somewhere," or to become "someone" and instead allows us to focus on the present where the change we seek the most is available.

Changing our thinking patterns, changes our life. Period. Changes that we can experience now, not some time down the road when we "get there." That isn't what we are in need of right now anyway. We wish to change things, NOW. So, focus on now. On each new day and that will take the overwhelm away.

Changing how we view our lives and ourselves, changes our life as well. We can do these things one day at a time. It is a process. Each time we catch ourselves being critical of ourselves or others, we can change that thought in that moment by understanding that we are just acting from old patterns, no more, no less. No need to "beat ourselves up" over it, just acknowledge it, change our thought to a positive one, and move on. It is that simple.

Pretty soon, the negative thoughts, actions and feelings diminish and more loving thoughts are our first thoughts and feelings. It gets easier with each passing day and our DNA is being cleared and recreated along with every new thought and feeling we allow ourselves to have without the self judgement attached. This is the fast track to "enlightenment" and there is no destination but the now moment.

Years ago it took a lot of effort to wade through the collective unconsciousness in order to make any real changes in our lives. Today, the collective consciousness has risen to such a degree that by stopping just one critical thought or feeling, can change our DNA, change our mind and change our life. No longer do we have to wade through the mud and the muck. The path is shinning bright for everyone and it simply takes the desire to make the change that will have the greatest effect in our lives.

So, when you are reading about all the things you have to do and all the stages you must go through in order to become "enlightened," just remember. What you think and feel today and than tomorrow, will have more impact in your life now, than any 12 step program, light body activations or book series that someone is telling you is necessary for you to reach utopia. Frankly, you are already there, you just have to let those parts of you that have been living in the darkness for so very long, remember this.

Just loving you along, one day at a time!
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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Prayer; The Asking And Receiving.

Growing up, each of us, in one manner or another, were taught that prayer was a way to ask for what we wanted or needed. If we were born into a religious family, we were taught to pray before each meal in Thanksgiving for the food we were about to eat. Pray at bedtime for our safe arrival into heaven should we die during the night. And also to pray for all those we loved in order that they too would reach heaven in a safe and timely manner.

What I believe we were never taught was how prayer worked. How did saying a few words to a God that was so far and distant from our daily lives, going to bring to us what we were praying for? Not only that, many times we would pray for something and it would seem from all outward appearances, that our prayers were not answered, which turned the whole act of praying into something we did in order to make our parents happy.

Prayer for me is not so much sitting down and asking God that is far away from me, to grant me what I am praying for. Prayer is an acknowledgment in my ability to send out the desired outcome to any situation happening in my life, or the lives of another. It is KNOWING that by my intentions to bring healing to another, for example, will rise and meet all other intentions for that same healing and the healing will take place to the highest good of that person and their journey.

Prayer is not so much of an "asking" as it is a "knowing" that when a need is requested from the place of an open heart, life moves in and fills that void, no matter what the cause or who the person. It is our connection to life, our connection to God, our connection to our very hearts that are so powerful, that life just responses. Life exist to do just that, respond.

God is no further than our hearts. Gratitude is a silent prayer of Thanks. We are in a constant state of prayer when we are grateful, happy, kind and loving. Words are used in directing this state of being. Words are used to propel the power of our hearts into a specific direction or to a specific person. Words however are not necessary but being in a state of loving intent and being grateful that our intentions will manifest, is critical.

Using words in a formal prayer is a great way to direct our focus. To direct our intentions to what it is we wish to change or have. But it is just a way to direct our focus, it is not what brings about the change we seek. It is our intention, our loving appeal and our knowing that what is asked for will arrive in its perfect time and perfect way.

When we can direct our loving intent to every person, place or thing around us. Then prayer will be what we do naturally and words will be a thing of the past because what we set into motion when we pray, will be in constant motion all of the time.

Just loving you along,
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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Many We's of Me

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We have all heard the story of "Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs" as we were growing up. This story like many others were classified as "fairy tales" yet underneath the story, there lies a hidden truth. This one for me, held a metaphor for what I was experiencing on my personal journey.

As I walked the path of unification, there were times when I found myself becoming this image of Snow White with her 7 dwarfs. I began to understand that everyone I met was showing me a part of myself that was mostly unconscious. It was really an eye opener to truly understand that there were so many different aspects of myself buried deep within me and that they made up my physical experience. They were attracting all the people and experiences in my life, right along with the conscious parts of myself.

If we look at the story of Snow White we could see how these tiny little men may have been reflecting different aspects of her. We have the persona of, Doc, Sleepy, Happy, Sneeze, Dopey, Bashful, and Grumpy. In my own life I can attest to the fact that I have been the healer in many ways. (doc) I have been asleep at the wheel of my life at times. (sleepy) Happiness has become a part of life like never before. (happy) Not always have I made the best choices. (dopey) I have been uncomfortable about getting my work "out there." (bashful) and most of all, those moments and sometimes days, of being just plain ol grumpy! (grumpy)

What was startling to realize though was that when I was being Bashful, Grumpy was there the whole time sending out grumpy energy about being bashful! When I was joyful and happy, dopey was still steering my life and making some really crazy choices. Underneath the conscious, the unconscious persona's were there as well, creating my life right along with the conscious parts.

It was when I really realized that I had all these different we's within me, that I began to welcome them all into my waking life. I saw them for who and what they were. I began understanding that when I ran into someone that treated me badly, somewhere along the way I had forgotten about Grumpy and Grumpy was sending out grumpy energy, attracting to me grumpy people and situations. Knowing that, I was able not only to forgive this person for their ill treatment, but I was able to lovingly see them as this tiny little dwarf tugging on my skirt, looking for my attention.

Being conscious is no easy task. Being unconscious has been a way of life for a very long time and it is not easy to change our mode of operation without understanding first how we are made up and how we create our lives. Just knowing is one thing, experiencing it and truly understanding it, is yet another. Every single person is showing us ourselves in perfect clarity.

Embrace the 7 dwarfs that lie within. Like with Snow White, they will take care of you. They will save you from the death of unconsciousness. They will serve you in ways that will surprise you and soon that sacred marriage that ends this fairy tale, will be the beginning of your own sacred marriage. It isn't about the conscious or the unconscious, it is about the acceptance and the integration of the two.

Just loving you along,