Wednesday, March 16, 2011


The time that has been talked about for decades is now upon us. The changes needed to move forward are happening, whether we are ready for them or not. For years we have been preparing for these times, consciously or unconsciously.

Most of us on the planet at this time, have been here before. We have been here doing exactly what we are doing now. Then as now, the earth was in a critical place where humanity was either going to self destruct or evolve. Twice we failed and twice the planet continued forward on its path of self destruction, to the horror of all life throughout creation.

So now, once again we are back. This time however, we will succeed. In fact, we already have, though it sure doesn't look that way as things progressively get more and more unstable.

In the realms of cause, the earth has made her transition and she is a glorious ray of light in our universe. Through the efforts of millions of the strongest souls in creation, we have forged together a new beginning for earth and all of her life.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves just yet. Though we have succeeded in the realms of cause, we are still here at the time of her most critical birth. What is created in the realms of cause has to manifest in the material realms, it is cosmic law and here we are in the beginning of the manifestation phase of the process. 

Though we have been able to succeed this time around, there is still a huge pass we must travel to get to the other side. There are still huge choices that we have to make. All of us must choose to move forward WITH the planet, because regardless of what humanity chooses, she will birth herself anew. It is done.

So, I sit here today and see before me this huge fork in our collective road. We stand at the crux, deciding. We need to change not only from the inside, but the outside in, as well.

To list all the changes here would be to preach to the choir. We have all heard it a million times, over and over. We all know what we need to do in order to turn things around, yet the means to get anything done remains a huge frustration for most of us. Understood. We can not pull rabbits out of our collective hats, but there is something we can do. We can make a choice. A personal choice.

We can choose to honor the earth and plant a garden in our own backyards. A place to love and nurture the earth. We can create a "peace garden" where we can go and sit and feel the peace of nature, nurturing us!

We can hold the door open for someone with their hands full. Or offer a smile to someone who looks sad. We can quit a job we hate and find a hobby we love. Down size our lives and fill our world with small joys and simple things. We can start reversing our own lives and create a new world right where we are.

This is the choices we are being asked to make now. We can not heal an entire planet but we can heal our own life. We can start right where we are and focus our attention on our own personal world. If each of us did this, it would spread like ripples on a still pond and pretty soon the earth will begin to heal, the hungry, fed. It can be no other way. We are all connected, we are one.

So as the changes increase our beloved earth cries out to her children. "Make your choice! Do you come with me on this journey or do you choose to watch from the sidelines? Either way, I am moving forward and I pray that each and every one of you will join me."

Which fork in the road will you take? That is only a question you can answer.

Just loving you along,

Monday, March 7, 2011

Your Multi-Dimensional Self & You

Learning that we are multi-dimensional and that aspects of us operate at higher frequencies was thrilling for me. Though I didn't really understand the concept, I was certainly willing to play with the idea.

Just the thought that I had many different aspects of myself residing in higher realms was fascinating. I began seeing myself as being over shadowed by other "Me's" having the same experience as I was having but in a different place. Though this was very elementary in its simplicity, it became quite an interesting concept that I began to apply to everything I was experiencing and with everyone I met.

I began seeing everyone that way whether or not they knew that they too were a multi-dimensional being. I would be standing there chatting with a person wondering what we were talking about on higher levels, knowing that we were meeting there as well. All of those aspects of me that are hidden here was having a conversation with all of the hidden aspects of the other person too! It was wild thinking this way because it made me conscious that this was only one level of the 'game board' we are all playing on, all of the time, not just in those quiet moments of contemplation.

What began to happen then was I began to realize that I was a representative of my higher self, here on Earth, in every moment of my life. Wow, what a responsibility that was! Everything I was saying and doing was a reflection of either my perfection, or my healing. Everything I did, every word I said began to be important.

There is a lot being said in the spiritual community today about integrity and we all know the fundamental meaning of that word but lets look at it again. Webster's dictionary states: Integrity; 1)completeness; wholeness. 2)unimpaired condition; soundness. 3) honesty, sincerity, etc.

Unimpaired condition caught my eye for I can see how this can apply to our multidimental selves in the contexts that I am writing here. Unimpaired, wholeness, completeness all come under the spiritual integrity that is so important to our healing process. So, for me, being in integrity would apply to being in alignment with our totality of being.

That is a hard thing to contemplate as we wade threw the mud of our own healing process. How can we be in integrity with the all of our being while still being the one on the ground. Simply by first realizing that we ARE the ground crew! We are here on Earth as the ground crew healing the separation and aligning with our multi-dimensional selves. It is healing the separation that we move into integrity with all that we are, here on Earth. Some call this "Heaven on Earth"!

Knowing that in every situation, every conversation, every thought, word and deed, we are representing our total being. All of US. When we can be conscious of that fact as we walk through our life, we become aware of our behavior in ways never seen before. We begin to really want to be the true reflection of our totality here in this world. It is then that we begin to see every person, place, condition and thing as only one small part of the whole and our perspective is altered forever.

Never will we see our lives as mundane and routine again. Everything will have meaning. Every person we meet will be there by divine decree. Just think about that for a minute. Every person we meet is meeting you as well in higher octaves of existence! Every event in your life is happening in higher octaves of existence. There is NO separation only a different point of view, literally!

So, in those times of doubt, you are NOT alone! I am sure you see that statement a little differently now! You are NOT alone and everything you need or desire is there, right there in the moment you need it. Your multi-dimensional self makes sure of that. Even if this part of you can't see or feel it, it is nonetheless there. Reach up and simply open to it. It is all there waiting for you. 

From my multi-dimensional self to yours,
Just loving you along,