Sunday, October 30, 2011

Kind Sight

We have all had those moments in life where we looked back on an experience and wished with all our hearts that we had done something different. "Hindsight is 20/20" they say, but is it really?

Hindsight is when we look back and see the experience from a broader view, a different perspective or from a place of greater wisdom. We have already walked through the experience, so we have learned a lot more since that time we were experiencing it. So, from this vantage point it seems that we can see every little detail with 20/20 vision and things that were hidden from sight before, are now glaringly clear.

When this happens, regret comes streaming in as we level our dissatisfaction onto ourselves about how we could have changed things, or more importantly, how we could have avoided the entire situation from the beginning. We wonder at ourselves and how in the world we got ourselves into such a situation and self loathing is the result.

The thing is, every situation we attract into our lives is there for a reason. Most importantly, there is absolutely no reason to berate, loath, criticize, chastise, or harshly judge ourselves for any reason. No matter the result to any situation, we are in a place of learning and we should no more be hard on ourselves than we would a baby learning to crawl for the first time! Truly, would you punish a baby for falling when they first attempt to walk? Of course not!

We too are learning with each and every experience we have. If we weren't we would not have had the experience! There is no "right" or "wrong" here, just learning and all learning is beneficial no matter how it may appear to be other wise.

One thing I try to remember when I have one of those "anytime moments" of learning is, that I am a multidimensional being having a multidimensional experience. What I mean by that is, that there is FAR more going on than what meets the eye. There are multi levels involved in each situation, not only with myself, but others that are involved as well. Think about that a minute. You and they, here and now, with you and they multi levels, there and now! How can we really know what is taking place when so many levels of ourselves are dancing the same dance but at different levels! It is simple, we can't.

Something else to consider is that the entire situation may have nothing to do with you. Maybe, you are there to help another. Maybe you were invited into the situation in order to show a different way, or different perspective. To teach by example. There are far too many factors at play for us to place blame onto ourselves or onto others, for that matter.

We are all here, at this time in human history to work through old outdated patterns, past relationships, and personal soul history. How than can we cast blame on ourselves for any reason? It is self care, self love and self understanding that is needed most. We are walking through fire, in order to cross the bridge to a better way of life, not only for ourselves but for every living thing on Earth.

Would it surprise you to know that the entire universe is sitting at the edge of their collective seats in AWE of us! That's right, in AWE! We are the ones that came here to this level of experience to do the unthinkable! To chart the path out of bondage and into freedom for this beloved planet and all her live. We, who feel at times no bigger than the smallest grain of sand are the ones who are making the biggest difference in the world with each and every experience we have.

We are worthy of far more than what we would give to ourselves and I for one, think it is high time that we realize, that what we are doing in each experience we have, is far greater than we will ever know and what we do for ourselves, our children, our planet and each other, is done from the highest place of love this universe has ever seen.

So, the next time you look back and wonder what the heck was I thinking, remember, it is not what you were thinking, it is how much you were loving!

Just loving you along,
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  1. Yes indeed. We sometimes can't see the wood for the trees, so close to the situations we are in.
    Sometimes if I've looked back on the past with sadness I then stop and tell myself, the past is what has bought you to the present. Without it, you would not be the person that you are today with the depth of love, knowledge, compassion and empathy for others that you have learned because of what you experienced.
    This is so valid and ought to be read by many for its real and valid truth.
    Another wonderful write from you.

  2. What a great way to look at like and with such compassion for Self and others!

    Lovely blog!