Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Power of Surrender

The other day I saw a picture of a person holding a tiny tree in his outstretched hands. What was interesting was that the photo was called, "The Power of Surrender." I saved the picture and it wasn't until I went back and really looked at it, did I come to understand what the title was telling me.

The power of surrender was not within the person holding the tiny tree, it was in the surrender that the tiny tree had shown, in order to be uprooted and then replanted. That was pretty profound for me, since my life has been in this state of suspension for quite some time now.

As I sat staring at this picture, I noticed that the hands that were holding this tiny tree, were holding it with pure reverences and care. You can see that this tree was being loved and cared for. There was no need for this tree to be fearful or mistrusting. There was no need for it to wonder where it was going to be planted, or if the soil would be rich enough for it to grow and thrive. None of these things were a concern, because it was being held in a loving embrace.

How perfect this picture was, in it's simplistic showing of how each and every one of us, is held in that same loving embrace. We are constantly being asked to "surrender," but we have learned that to "surrender" means, giving over to something or someone more powerful then us. That is the furthest thing from the truth.

Surrendering into the loving hands of the universe, is a surrender given in trust, to a force that has every intention of seeing us safely, to where each of us wishes to go. It is the surrender of a child to it's loving parents. One that is in total trust, that the parents are protecting them and leading them into joy and happiness. It is a surrender into safety and nurturing that creates a space for child like enchantment and joy.

That is what this picture was telling me. It was telling me that it was okay to be unsure right now, because where I am choosing to go, is being prepared for me. It is now time for me to BE prepared to go there and the only way to get there is to, "surrender" into the loving hands of those that are able to lead me there. It is in detaching from the outcome of this place I find myself in, and in allowing, that what I dream of for my life is small in comparison to what is being offered to me, by the loving hands that are holding me.

How grateful I am to have been drawn to this beautiful picture! This little tree for me, is my own little "tree of life," being lovingly transplanted into its new home, where new life can be sown and where it can beautifully flourish. So, I ask you, what does this beautiful picture suggest to you?

Just loving you along,

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Changing Directions

In these times of accelerating change, I find it fascinating how quick our path can veer in a direction so different then where we were currently heading, or from what was expected.

In one moment, we are racing down the highway and the next we are parked in a parking lot, bewildered and shaken, from the instant change of direction. There is no mistaking the fact, that some thing bigger then us is steering our lives.

This is our higher intelligence at work. Though it would seem that we operate on earth alone and some times fearfully, the higher parts of us are here as well, helping us move quickly along our chosen paths.

Since the early 90's our guidance systems, (ie; higher intelligence)  has been coming closer and closer, to our physical earth bound self's. It was at that time that the gates of heaven open fully, in order to propel us forward toward the ascending path and away from the path of self destruction. It was a critical time for us all, as we were preparing to cross the 2000 year mark.

Before that time, most of our higher intelligences was connected to us through a thin silver cord and it was difficult to reach our conscious self's, because it had to reach us through layers and layers of negativity and conditioning. That was then, but in-between that time and now, we have made huge evolutionary leaps forward and because of that, our higher intelligence is closer to us then in any other time, since our fall from grace.

Now, it is involved in our lives like never before. We are heading towards complete integration and with that privilege comes, not only responsibility, but great acceleration with our learning process.

What I have found interesting lately, is that the situations in life come quickly and leave quickly. It doesn't take weeks or months to have an issue, face it and then rectify it. It comes in quickly and moves out quickly, unless of course, we drag our feet or avoid what is happening. If we confront what is in front of us in a clear and precise manner, the issue moves quickly into resolution. That is because our higher intelligence is the puppeteer of our show and it is here, in order to move us along.

So, when you find your self baffled, because you were headed down one road only to find yourself, stopped, searched, re-routed and some times even asked to park, no worries. Your higher intelligence is steering your car and there is nothing to fear. The amount of life we are living in one day, is currently equaling, a month worth of living. Relax when this happens and let someone else do the driving.

Just loving you along,

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Internal Hush.

When I woke this morning, I woke to the sound of silence and a feeling of a deep inner "hush". It felt like all life on the mountain was holding its collective breath. The earth herself seemed hushed, as the birds stayed quiet in their nest.

At first it seemed odd, since for the last few days, the mornings have been full of bird song and squirrel chatter. The snow here has been melting under a new sun, that has laid dormant for weeks. All has been ablaze, in this new spring light and all of nature has been breaking free, from cold winter nights.

I instantly connected to the earth and sent myself down deep within her, seeking that still point, where all of life connects. There I found only a soft heart beat. The rhythm of a drum.

I wondered at this, since no other sound could be heard. The normal movement of nature, absent. It was then I realized that this was a "pause". A place mothers go when the contractions subside. A place of utter relief, of momentary stillness. This is what I found this morning, as the hush settled into my bones and I too felt that calm reassurance that all was well.

Even with the sense of well being I had slipped into, there was still the knowing that this was only a "pause" and birth was still in progress. This was a time, in which to rest and gain strength for the next contraction, the next change, the next surge forward.

I have heard the heart beat of earth and her pulse is strong. Like any mother, who has taken on the burdens of her children, she has grown in strength, not weakness. She prepares, but for now she rest. She is in-between contractions and soon, once again, she will move, she will push, she will struggle to bring forth, new life.

Up ahead, not far off, it will all begin again. The earth will move, the oceans rise, the volcano's will send forth the life blood that lays simmering inside. She will birth the new world, ready or not.

As these changes occur, they occur in phases in order to sustain the status quo. Sustain a system way too old. In order to proceed, in ease and grace, there still needs to be, a plan in place. If all was to fall, all at once, then this birth would be harmful, to the new one to come.

So, while there is time, in which to rest. Let us all find peace with this. No pushing, no pulling it is time just to BE. While the earth and all life, prepare to be free.

With you always,
Just loving you along,