Saturday, January 29, 2011

The True Teacher

Back in the 80's when I had first became conscious of what I was experiencing in my life, there were few books on the "how too's" of spiritual enlightenment. In fact, in order to read any material or attend any kind of spiritual event, one had to don a costume and go "underground" in order to do so. It was a time when the main stream of humanity was being kept firmly in the dark about what was rushing straight towards them at lighting speed.

Now a day's, you can find a metaphysical book shop on every cornor. Spiritual events and spiritual teachers blur our search engines, slowing down our search by the sheer volume of spiritual events and teachers that are at our disposal.

The one thing that I find fascinating is that one of the most important aspects of gaining spiritual knowledge is being left out of the equation.

There is only one true teacher for each one of us. It is our own inner guiding system. It isn't any person, place or thing outside of our own personal connection to our soul. Connecting first there can only lead to connecting to all the higher aspects of SELF.

I am not saying that all the spiritual literature out there or the wonderful enlightened teachers are to be feared or avoided. Not so. In fact it is their dedication to their own inner guidance system that enables them to be the way shower to all those within their range of influence. They have done the inner work. Most of them anyway.

It is that too many times we look outside of our self for the answers. I know first hand. I chased every book, every mentor I could find that resonated with me. In the beginning we all need that "leg up" so to speak. It is only when we have learned the basics that it is then time to apply them and become our own teacher and mentor. And trust me. There is no better teacher then your own guiding system to teach you who you really are!

You are equipped with everything you need in order to ascend. Everything. There is no thing outside of you other then advise that can quicken your journey. There simply is no short cuts. It is a process. A step by step, everyday process. One that becomes not something you are "doing" but something that you ARE.

You become the walking meditation with no need to lay down or for getting into position. You are connected to your source of constant information, streaming through you at all times. When there is something to see or do, trust me, your personal connection will make that very clear.

This is the process. It is not a destination per se, because once you are firmly connected to the highest aspect you think you can gain, another one takes it's place and off you go again. It is fail proof.

Following someone else is in actuality following their journey. What they are experiencing is what they are teaching. Understand? It is all just a reflection!

So, my humble advise to anyone interested in listening is simply this. Find the books and the teachers that resonate with you in the moment, for surely that will change as you do and learn the basics.

Then take what you have learned and put your focus on your inner connection. Doing this enables your guides to come closer and to begin really working with you. If you listen for their advise instead of look outside of yourself to others, they will work double time to reach you in fun and amazing ways!

Your life will becomes a day to day fairy land full of magic! And I can tell you true. The moment you put all of your "eggs" into your inner "basket," all that is who you are, will come out to play and you will never FEEL alone again. I promise you this!

So, read your books, go to your retreats and learn what you feel is important to learn. Then take that learning and apply it to your life. Tap into who you are and watch how "ALL that you are" beings to surface.

A little bit of my experience given to you in humility.
Just loving you along,

Monday, January 17, 2011

New Zodiac

I just had to sit down and write out my thoughts on the news sweeping the Internet and news channels about the announcement of a new zodiac.

After contemplating this issue without holding any preconceived notions to the rightness of changing something so ancient, I began to realize a few things.

Life is changing, that is certain. We as a collective human race are going through the most intense change every known to any other life form. This time on earth is being heralded as the event of ALL CREATION.

Considering the entire universe is sitting at the edge of their collect seats, watching something that has never been done before in any know history, how can it be so shocking that the earth has shifted and therefore another sign is added to the zodiac?

Those in the know of astrology say that this sign is not new but is not used in one form of calculation nor is it consider very significant since the plants don't spend much time in that part of the sky. Either way you look at this, there is one thing very clear. Things are a changing!

I personally don't know a lot about the subject but I do know a lot about what is currently happening to the human race. We are ALL, each and every one of us, moving into a higher evolution. I am not going to go into details here and I am sure you are inundated with all the spiritual perspectives out there today but I will say this. If we are evolving at the speed of light, changing how we act, how we think, how we feel. Changing the very cells in our bodies, I for one am not surprised that we, as a collective, are in need of a place to express this expansion. Truly, that is all this is really, expansion.

Since this sign is not a new one and has been there all along, I had to look at what this sign was telling us.

This is the sign of the healer. Okay, I can see how that is in perfect alignment to what the human race is experiencing at this time.

This sign comes after Scorpio and before Sagittarius. Scorpio is the sign of death and rebirth. You know, the rising from the ashes thing. I can see perfectly well how this is showing us how we have walked through the fire and because of this we are healed.

Let's look at Sagittarius the sign that comes after. This is the sign of the seeker, the adventurer. The one who sees the potential, the new way ahead. In my humble opinion, I believe this placement is the perfect spot for this new sign. Again reflecting to us that what is happening now is that as we heal we are in need of a new environment, new technology, new way of doing things, etc. What other sign then Sagittarius is more well equipped to forge ahead into new territory?

The most profound thing about this is that in a curious way, it will stand as sentient to what this generation has done in turning this dying world, with a dying human race around and heading it into a new direction. How perfect is that?

These are just a few thoughts and I am sure more to come as this issue continues to unfold.

Loving you along,

Note: To all those honored ones who know astrology. The above is just a fanciful interpretation of this current debate. I humbly beg your pardon for any discrepancies to the true art of astrology.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Never Ending Journey

How many times have you just suddenly stopped in your day and thought, "I just can't take another step forward?" Have you ever just sat down and decided to never get up again? Well, if you have, you are not alone.

The thing is, you are not alone in feeling that this is an never ending journey. You feel this way because it IS never ending! This journey we are all on is one that goes on and on. There isn't a destination, per se, but an ever expanding ability to change, to create and to dis-create.

There is however places of "pause" within this never ending journey. A place to rest, to just unplug for a while. Though we do this and relish this time, it isn't long before we are once again clamping at the bit to move forward again.

That is because we are creators. Each and every one of us. I am sure you have heard by now, that very thing, but lets really look at that.

Okay, you say, I am a creator but what does that look like? I would humbly ask you to look around you right where you are now. Look at everything. I say to you that you created all of it. Yep. Every person, place, condition and thing.

How is that possible? Well you, think, feel, act and some times even laugh. You are a living breathing creating machine that can bring what you want and what you do not want, into your own personal universe. The trick is to find the way to be completely OK with whatever is in your world that you are currently experiencing.

What was hard for me to understand, at first, was that the ability to create only what I wanted to experience was not a reality at this level. We live on earth at this time, in a realm of duality. In this realm there has to be black in order for us to have white. It is a realm where in order to have hot there must also be cold. So, how can we live here in this polarity construct with only one side of the equation?

It is simple. We can't. We will one day, when the planet and all her life moves into zero point, or unity, but for now we are journeying in a realm of polarity and like it or not, we must learn to love it all. If we can't love it all then we can at least learn to get neutral about what we would rather not experience.

So, when you are sitting there refusing to budge or to take another step, remember, you are the creator. You can create any thing you wish to experience and even what you don't wish to experience. How powerful is THAT? You can get neutral right where you are sitting. You can rest and recharge. It is your choice. YOU are the creator and as the creator you say when, where and how.

Empower yourself and feel the fatigue fall away. You may not jump up that very minute and create a miracle. But the fact that you know you can, puts the miracle into motion.

Loving you along,