Thursday, December 23, 2010

Abundance, The Final Chapter

From that day forward, each time I began to feel fear or limitation creep back into my life, I would refer back to that day the universe bent in order to fulfill my belief that, "all would be well."

It is not easy to stay focused in the moment and to deal with what you can. To remind yourself that right now, I have everything I need and if you don't, it is soon to arrive. This kind of mind set takes time and discipline and that is okay. As long as you are making an effort the universe will deliver. Always and in all ways.

As I contemplated this in my life, I looked back over the years and in each and every case, when the money was tight or when there was something lacking in my life, ALWAYS, things worked out.

Out of nowhere came that last minute miracle. Every person, place, condition or thing that was needed was magically there. Never did I go hungry, even when I didn't have a dime to my name. Never did I sleep on the street because I did not have a roof over my head. Never did I go without clothing, there was always something to wear even if it wasn't the latest style.

Though all of these things may not have been at the level of what I was accustom too or what I would have preferred. Still, never did the universe cease to deliver what I most needed, in the moment the need was created.

Another thing that is delivered in the moment was the flashes of ideas, the sudden solutions and the tiny sweet nudges from those who love and guide us from the heavenly realms. All of these things are only found, right in front of you, in the moment. So, to worry about the, "what ifs," of anything not in front of you, is a waste of energy because what is, not in front of you, is not created yet. Do you see?

Everything is created instantly with every thought and feeling. These can be changed in an instant if you choose to change them. The patterns we carry were created over a life time, even past life times. These are the patterns that are changed, every time we choose to change that thought, that feeling. Or to have faith, or trust or just surrender face down on the bed. It is a process. One day at a time, one choice at a time, one thought at a time.

But change does happen. It is law. It is a universal law that never changes. It is our greatest gift if we can learn to work with it instead of working against it.

So, why not try it, the next time you feel overwhelmed with something in your life. Release the fear and anxiety and confirm to yourself or anyone willing to listen, that everything will be fine. Confirm that the universe is a loving place to be and with great love for all life, the universe will give to you, as no one else can. It can create your life in any way you believe that it can. Confirm that this loving universe will dance to your tune, if you will but sing it. Try it. I promise you, life will respond in the most fantastic and loving way.

Peace be with you. Peace BE you.

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