Sunday, December 19, 2010

Abundance Part 6

The day my life changed forever began like all the other days I had been having since everything began to fall apart. Dragging myself out of bed to face another day, feeling tired and disenchanted. One of the first things I had noticed was that the light on my cable box was not lit, which from experience, I realized that the cable was "down" again. This was becoming a normal thing in my life since I had signed up for this brand new cable service. It was a brand new system using fiber optics and was offered at a discounted rate for new customers. 

I remember doing all I had to do first before calling the cable company and dealing with this again. As the time approached for me to deal with this I felt numb. I had just minutes before wrote a check to pay my phone bill and had very little money left. Now I was facing another ordeal on the phone that I could have lived without.

I called and reported the problem as usual. They instantly went into action to discover what the problem was this time. Remember, this was a new technology for them and we were on a huge learning curve. My head hit the desk when the women came back on the line and told me she could not find my "account" anywhere on their system. I had just talked to them last week about another issue I was having and it was there then. There was no anger on my part, just numbness.

She put me on hold and when she came back she told me that they had no idea how this happened but before they could fix the problem I had to be put back on the system as a new customer! This was not good news considering it was late in the day. The whole process of becoming a new customer again took about 45 mins and the cable was still not working.

She took all of my information again and re entered me into the system. She said she would call me back as soon as they could round someone up to come out and fix the problem. Which they did as dinner time rolled around. I had no complaints with their service it was just comedy as to how all of this transpired.

It was after all this was corrected that I received a call from one of their reps. In bewilderment I listened to this women as she apologized for all the hassle I was experiencing and for my patience with this new system. She further went on to say that because of all the inconvenience I had been having they were going to credit my cable account for not only this months cable bill but for next month as well. She wasn't finished yet as I sat there in shock listening.

 She also told me that she would be happy to also credit my telephone account as well. When I told her that I had the check waiting there to send she told me to tear it up because she just credited my account for the total amount of 3 months worth of service! I was without words as she continued to say that on top of this she would be happy to send me a 50.00 gift card that I could spend any where I liked!

So, there I was moments ago destitute and wondering how I was going to eat the rest of the month. As I stammered my thanks I could hear her smile on the other end. I was so grateful I began to cry and she assured me that every thing she said had already been done and to expect the gift card in a week or so.

When I hung up the phone I totaled up all the credits she had given me and with the gift card she had actually gifted me with over 350.00 dollars! The ability to tear up my phone bill on the spot gave me the money to buy groceries now and when I went online to check my phone/cable account, all the credits were there on my account just as she said they would be.

The most important part of this experience was that after that day, I never had an issue with my cable system again! It worked perfectly. All the hassle was gone.

I have been saving this last bit of information about this cable system until the end because the irony of it never left my sight. The cable system that I am speaking about was called "U-verse!" Yes, "U-verse!" Almost enough to make one laugh out loud, huh?

It was from that day forward that things began to ease for me. All the concerns of the past were taken care off and the flow of money in my life began to move again. It was the experience of watching the universe bend in order to accommodate my beliefs that "all would be well" that changed me at a cellular level. It took a whole period of time in the lurch in order to change my belief at this fundamental level.

From that point onward there was no doubt that what ever I need, in the moment of need, the universe would supply the means for it. Though as time went forward those needs began to be met faster and faster because my belief had changed.

I am not saying that I never have any doubts when things begin to go array. I simply have the experience of the past to connect too that allows myself to remember that, "all IS well" and to breath through this. And it has always been so.

How grateful I am for having experienced this life changing time in my life. Underneath the fear and the struggle, a miracle of such  huge proportions happened in my life and I will always be grateful for it.

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