Sunday, December 12, 2010

Abundance Part 2

So, there I was. Laying in my self imposed puddle of hopelessness when I heard that tiny voice inside whisper those words of wisdom. "What are you without"? 

"What am I without you ask?" Well, I was in the perfect place to let that tiny voice know exactly all the things I was without! So without hesitation I began to list all the things missing in my life starting with, of course, money. Then on and on I went, as item after item fell from my list of all the things that I was without in my life. All the while that tiny voice sat there, (with the nerve to smile by the way), as I read off that long list of missing things.

When I had finally come to the end of my tirade and lay once again exhausted and spent, the tiny voice, (still smiling mind you), said "No, what are you without, right NOW?" Well if there had been any strength left in me I may have jumped out the window but instead I simply lay there lost in those simple words.

It was then that I was beginning to understand what was being said to me. I lay there understanding that right now, in this moment, I was "without" no thing. Even though that was true, it did not make me feel any better because I knew, in theory anyway, that being in the "moment" came straight from the book "Spirituality 101". What had not occurred to me yet was, that as true as being "in the moment" was, the meaning behind those words were far more vast then my current understanding and I was being prompted to take this to the next level. And so it began....

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