Saturday, January 8, 2011

Never Ending Journey

How many times have you just suddenly stopped in your day and thought, "I just can't take another step forward?" Have you ever just sat down and decided to never get up again? Well, if you have, you are not alone.

The thing is, you are not alone in feeling that this is an never ending journey. You feel this way because it IS never ending! This journey we are all on is one that goes on and on. There isn't a destination, per se, but an ever expanding ability to change, to create and to dis-create.

There is however places of "pause" within this never ending journey. A place to rest, to just unplug for a while. Though we do this and relish this time, it isn't long before we are once again clamping at the bit to move forward again.

That is because we are creators. Each and every one of us. I am sure you have heard by now, that very thing, but lets really look at that.

Okay, you say, I am a creator but what does that look like? I would humbly ask you to look around you right where you are now. Look at everything. I say to you that you created all of it. Yep. Every person, place, condition and thing.

How is that possible? Well you, think, feel, act and some times even laugh. You are a living breathing creating machine that can bring what you want and what you do not want, into your own personal universe. The trick is to find the way to be completely OK with whatever is in your world that you are currently experiencing.

What was hard for me to understand, at first, was that the ability to create only what I wanted to experience was not a reality at this level. We live on earth at this time, in a realm of duality. In this realm there has to be black in order for us to have white. It is a realm where in order to have hot there must also be cold. So, how can we live here in this polarity construct with only one side of the equation?

It is simple. We can't. We will one day, when the planet and all her life moves into zero point, or unity, but for now we are journeying in a realm of polarity and like it or not, we must learn to love it all. If we can't love it all then we can at least learn to get neutral about what we would rather not experience.

So, when you are sitting there refusing to budge or to take another step, remember, you are the creator. You can create any thing you wish to experience and even what you don't wish to experience. How powerful is THAT? You can get neutral right where you are sitting. You can rest and recharge. It is your choice. YOU are the creator and as the creator you say when, where and how.

Empower yourself and feel the fatigue fall away. You may not jump up that very minute and create a miracle. But the fact that you know you can, puts the miracle into motion.

Loving you along,

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  1. This is very true. Powerful write.