Saturday, December 11, 2010

Abundance. What is it really and what does it look like in real life.

When I first began to awaken, I began to read every thing I could get my hands on about how to improve my life. The one theme that I found interesting was the concept of abundance. Though there were many interpretations of this magical thing called abundance, one thing that really stuck out for me was that no one really had a clear explanation on HOW to manifest it in life. Yes, it all sounded really good in theory but really, how does one create this and keep this flowing in ones life?

So the hunt for me began. I was pretty determined to find the formula. Not the pie in the sky theory's, but the pure formula of the alchemist. I wanted to know the universal law that governs this. For truly, it is a law and it is an immutable law at that. So, the big question was, if it is an immutable law then why was it that some people were rich, while others were poor? Why was I able to create one thing, out of thin air, yet when I applied myself, nothing?

I soon began to realize that the formula I had found had its issues. All the positive intentions, all the positive thinking and mantras did nothing but wear me out, with little to show for my effort. Every thing I had read about and heard about was great but when I viewed my life and what I was working to create, it all fell short and extremely empty.

So there I was. Face down in the dirt, exhausted and feeling truly defeated, when there came across the vast sea of my mind, in barely a whisper, "What are you without?" Huh? "What am I without?"
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  1. Very intriguing!

    When I first met my teacher people around me told me of "miracles" in their lives that involved financial success while I struggled along barely able to make my mortgage payments. I even had three credit cards stolen that year by my boss at that! Whew! I couldn't understand why it was that other devotees were having these financial rewards that they said came from the blue while I continued to struggle and it even seemed to become worse...

    But... I did a novena puja to the Goddess Laskshmi (The Goddess of Beauty, Love and Abundance) for nine days complete with a sari, flowers in my hair, incense, the whole kitten caboodle... Every night after work I dressed up and did this puja singing for Lakshmi and praying for help.

    It wasn't until the last night that I had an amazing vision of my teacher's "Mother Ashram" in India. It was so clear and beautiful and I heard her say, "You will be with me!"

    It's been several years since then and I have been blessed to be in my teacher's physical form and I believe in my heart that this is still manifesting--that God's time is not like our time....

    Also, my finances have improved. I'm not wealthy but I haven't had that struggle in many years now...