Sunday, February 26, 2012

Defining Mastery

As we move forward in the day's ahead, it has been made clear to me that the need for a re-look at what Mastery really means's, is up for review.

The word in itself brings all levels of perceptions to our minds. The need to be "perfect" comes to mind. One who achieves mastery in art, let's say, is one we all aspire to be like. We study their techniques, their color selection, their brush strokes in order to take what they have "mastered" and apply it to what we our selves would like to accomplish. This could go for any endeavor in life.

In the life of spirit, Mastery is said to be the ultimate achievement that we can achieve at this time, tho there are many, many more levels above this. But for the now, it is what every person on the spiritual path is working to achieve.

For me, through the years, I have always felt that when my life is one of glorious design, free from strife, free from worry, etc, it will be than, that I have reached Mastery and life as I have known it in this realm of polarity, would be one of, great joy, and great love. I felt this way because I thought that as a Master, I would be able to create only the things that I wish to experience and none of the the things I would not. Reaching Mastery, I would have learned how to manifest only these things and until only these things where visible in my life, than I still had not achieved the Mastery I so desire.

It has taken me years to realize the other face to Mastery. It took me realizing that I was learning to Master this realm of duality and not making a journey to reach a place of Mastery. So, it would seem that the idea that I had that my life would become ideal when I had finally reached Mastery, was a bit naive, to say the least.

What I have found however, is that the other face of Mastery is that of balance, love and forgiveness. I know that sounds a tad strange when we are talking about reaching the current ultimate goal. But it was when I realized that my Mastery was in my day to day life, walking through every conflict, every upheaval, every "ugly" thing that I had created before me, it was than that I realized that Mastery isn't getting to some magical place where life is "perfect," it was in walking strong and aware through every single day of my life and making the conscience choices that would benefit not only myself, but all conditions surrounding me.

This is Mastery. This is what we are all striving towards. Being the conscious CHOOSER in our lives, which means, the conscious CREATOR in our lives, within what our lives are showing us in this moment, in this place and most importantly, in this realm of duality.

True Mastery comes when we can walk though fire, centered, calm, completely aware, and knowing that this walk was the path that created the Master that will come forth in the realm's of oneness, where all life will already be in its perfection. Now how cool is THAT? :)

Just loving you along,
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  1. Such a lovely and thoughtful blog!

    I have a spiritual Master who is an enlightened being. It interests me because we as her disciples follow her lead, learn from her, etc., and it is said that "To lead one must follow first." Still, there is the dichotomy in the thought that the follower is less than the leader which is not true.

    Ultimately, the Master is within us all...

  2. What matters most is how well you walk through the fire. (Charles Bukowski) I agree that life is not all about shutting out the negatives and only seeking out the positives. It is learning how to walk through them and growing from each in turn from the experience. In as much as someone is the student, they are also teachers in their own ways. Every second of our lives is all about learning how to become our true 'I Am' selves to bring us back to the Oneness again.
    Lovely post Kathleen.

  3. I agree, Kathleen, and I think we all start out with a Utopian idea of what mastery is. Only through living life day by day to develop mastery and thus become masters of life in all its varied expressions.