Saturday, January 29, 2011

The True Teacher

Back in the 80's when I had first became conscious of what I was experiencing in my life, there were few books on the "how too's" of spiritual enlightenment. In fact, in order to read any material or attend any kind of spiritual event, one had to don a costume and go "underground" in order to do so. It was a time when the main stream of humanity was being kept firmly in the dark about what was rushing straight towards them at lighting speed.

Now a day's, you can find a metaphysical book shop on every cornor. Spiritual events and spiritual teachers blur our search engines, slowing down our search by the sheer volume of spiritual events and teachers that are at our disposal.

The one thing that I find fascinating is that one of the most important aspects of gaining spiritual knowledge is being left out of the equation.

There is only one true teacher for each one of us. It is our own inner guiding system. It isn't any person, place or thing outside of our own personal connection to our soul. Connecting first there can only lead to connecting to all the higher aspects of SELF.

I am not saying that all the spiritual literature out there or the wonderful enlightened teachers are to be feared or avoided. Not so. In fact it is their dedication to their own inner guidance system that enables them to be the way shower to all those within their range of influence. They have done the inner work. Most of them anyway.

It is that too many times we look outside of our self for the answers. I know first hand. I chased every book, every mentor I could find that resonated with me. In the beginning we all need that "leg up" so to speak. It is only when we have learned the basics that it is then time to apply them and become our own teacher and mentor. And trust me. There is no better teacher then your own guiding system to teach you who you really are!

You are equipped with everything you need in order to ascend. Everything. There is no thing outside of you other then advise that can quicken your journey. There simply is no short cuts. It is a process. A step by step, everyday process. One that becomes not something you are "doing" but something that you ARE.

You become the walking meditation with no need to lay down or for getting into position. You are connected to your source of constant information, streaming through you at all times. When there is something to see or do, trust me, your personal connection will make that very clear.

This is the process. It is not a destination per se, because once you are firmly connected to the highest aspect you think you can gain, another one takes it's place and off you go again. It is fail proof.

Following someone else is in actuality following their journey. What they are experiencing is what they are teaching. Understand? It is all just a reflection!

So, my humble advise to anyone interested in listening is simply this. Find the books and the teachers that resonate with you in the moment, for surely that will change as you do and learn the basics.

Then take what you have learned and put your focus on your inner connection. Doing this enables your guides to come closer and to begin really working with you. If you listen for their advise instead of look outside of yourself to others, they will work double time to reach you in fun and amazing ways!

Your life will becomes a day to day fairy land full of magic! And I can tell you true. The moment you put all of your "eggs" into your inner "basket," all that is who you are, will come out to play and you will never FEEL alone again. I promise you this!

So, read your books, go to your retreats and learn what you feel is important to learn. Then take that learning and apply it to your life. Tap into who you are and watch how "ALL that you are" beings to surface.

A little bit of my experience given to you in humility.
Just loving you along,


  1. I agree and I don't agree because for many years I went it alone and got just so far... Then I met my spiritual teacher who is an enlightened being. She awakened the divine Kundalini within and there was no question that this was unlike I'd ever experienced before and vastly more powerful. There is nothing in the world like having an enlightened Master as your guide while you become enlightened yourself...

  2. Growing up in NY, I always found books that I was looking for. I didn't really get into the spiritual life until at least 1991. My parents sobered up, and my mom got a one year pendant of being clean.

    I liked how they talked about Higher Power, and the pendant my mom had was an amethyst. That was when I started studying on my own. I would go to the library and find what I could on spiritual subjects.

    Very nice blog.

  3. I share your views and the path, Kathleen. I searched and studied for years but the final word was always, "Go within. That's where all your answers are."

    Every process and practice is useful in the stage of awakening that brings it to light, but as we progress we need more evolved tools ... until there is no more need of tools at all. That time comes sooner for those who go within on a daily basis and make that connection with their Higher Self.

  4. I've always beena deep 'thinker. Always searched for more and more knowledge of the 'who' how, why etc... It wasn't until (through deeply mourning and grieving the loss of my life partner) that I stopped trying to give the pain away, and surreneded to the higher powers that be and went deep enough within to discover that I had a lot of the answers already.
    Once I was able to 'still' myself for long enough to 'see' when I finally opened my eyes it was as if I was seeing for the first time. I knew then that love isn't one person. Love is big, love is huge and is in everything we see, smell, touch, tase and hear. God is within us and everywhere all at once and we are each a part of that oneness.
    After a few of those sessions, I could feel an invisible 'embrace' and was told so clearly, 'even though you think you are alone, you are never truly alone, you are loved and, you are love.'
    Now, I try to share that message as and whenever I can because one by one we are waking up to the spiritual side of our being that (like butterflies) I guess we are meant to become. I think we are here waiting for the higher power to intervene on our behalf, when I think, the higher powers are waiting for us to get up to speed.
    Lovely blog... I love reading things that stimulate my mind, this did.
    Thank you.

  5. Sorry for the typo's, happens when I'm tired. (I have Lupus)

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog and for the lovely comment, too. :)