Monday, April 4, 2011

The Internal Hush.

When I woke this morning, I woke to the sound of silence and a feeling of a deep inner "hush". It felt like all life on the mountain was holding its collective breath. The earth herself seemed hushed, as the birds stayed quiet in their nest.

At first it seemed odd, since for the last few days, the mornings have been full of bird song and squirrel chatter. The snow here has been melting under a new sun, that has laid dormant for weeks. All has been ablaze, in this new spring light and all of nature has been breaking free, from cold winter nights.

I instantly connected to the earth and sent myself down deep within her, seeking that still point, where all of life connects. There I found only a soft heart beat. The rhythm of a drum.

I wondered at this, since no other sound could be heard. The normal movement of nature, absent. It was then I realized that this was a "pause". A place mothers go when the contractions subside. A place of utter relief, of momentary stillness. This is what I found this morning, as the hush settled into my bones and I too felt that calm reassurance that all was well.

Even with the sense of well being I had slipped into, there was still the knowing that this was only a "pause" and birth was still in progress. This was a time, in which to rest and gain strength for the next contraction, the next change, the next surge forward.

I have heard the heart beat of earth and her pulse is strong. Like any mother, who has taken on the burdens of her children, she has grown in strength, not weakness. She prepares, but for now she rest. She is in-between contractions and soon, once again, she will move, she will push, she will struggle to bring forth, new life.

Up ahead, not far off, it will all begin again. The earth will move, the oceans rise, the volcano's will send forth the life blood that lays simmering inside. She will birth the new world, ready or not.

As these changes occur, they occur in phases in order to sustain the status quo. Sustain a system way too old. In order to proceed, in ease and grace, there still needs to be, a plan in place. If all was to fall, all at once, then this birth would be harmful, to the new one to come.

So, while there is time, in which to rest. Let us all find peace with this. No pushing, no pulling it is time just to BE. While the earth and all life, prepare to be free.

With you always,
Just loving you along,

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