Saturday, February 12, 2011

Truth and Freedom

The word "freedom" according to Webster's dictionary is: a being free; esp., a) independence. b) civil or political liberty. c) exemption from an obligation, discomfort, etc. d) a being able to act, use, etc. freely. e) ease of movement. f) frankness. 2. a right or privilege. 

As I was reading these definitions, I began to see how all of these factors could be attripituted to the people of Egypt. By removing a dictator that has ruled from a position of supreme power, they have given themselves the following; independence, civil and political liberty, exemption from the obligation of powerlessness and huge discomfort. Also, the Egyptian people were pretty frank in their demands. For their right and their privilege, to rise up in order to regain their dignity as a human being and a beloved child of God. All of this completely demonstrated to the world, the true meaning of the word freedom in its most fundamental form.

Though Egypt is in no way clear of their troubles, each of us has witnessed an event that has and will continue to change our reality as we currently know it. Freedom in its truest sense is sweeping the globe and the Middle East is only the beginning! As we move forward there will be many more who will take the courage displayed there and raise up and demand, freedom, liberty and justice.

It is not just our constitutional right to have these things, it is our GOD given right to have these things! These are not man made, these are GOD made! That is what our founding fathers where creating under the love and guidance of higher spiritual forces as well as their own soul guided advise.

Human rights have no boundaries, or countries that define there right to operate in our lives. These are human rights. In fact, these are HOLY rights given to every living thing in creation. Universal laws stepped down into human rights! It is all the same and it was given to each and every one of us as we stood at the entrance of birth.

It was human error that took them away from us. Human perversion of all that is holy and sanctioned by God and it is now time to reclaim what is rightfully ours. Each of us were given these gifts from the beginning and now, finally, they will be restored to us.

So, as we stand at the precipice of great change and we become unsure of what to do, think or feel, KNOW you are a beloved child of God and you are being called home! Trust that the hand of God cradles you and is gently leading you there. No-thing can stop that from happening for it has been decreed and set into motion. You are safe and you are beloved!

Just loving you along,

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